Raise money with fundraising discount cards at church fund raisers

Ideas are sometimes hard to come by when looking for a way to raise money at a church fundraising event. Although second hand donated item sales, raffles or entertainment can be very lucrative for the church, do these things actually provide value for the people who attend your fundraising event? Selling fundraising discount cards at your event will provide great value for the attendees, will help out local businesses, and will also create margins for high profits at your fundraiser.

What are fundraising discount cards?

Fundraising discount cards are the size of a credit card, and can be easily slotted in to a wallet. They entitle the holder to discounts at a number of local stores in the area, due to prearranged agreements with the merchants. Typically, each card will come complete with around twelve offers.

In most cases the card will allow the bearer to unlimited discounts from the participating stores. However sometimes one merchant, who is sponsoring the event, may display a one time special offer on the card.

One massive benefit of the discount card is that it will be worth more than the purchase price to attendees of the fundraising event. Consequently, not only will you be making money, but also anyone who supports their local church and buys a card will actually save more money than they spend. This means that your event will provide some value for the people who attend, on top of helping raise money for a cause they believe in. In addition, it will also make for an easy sale.

The discounts that the card will allow the holder can be varied to suit all types of people who may attend your event. Money could be saved from a hair cut at the local hairdressers, a movie from a DVD rental store; it could entitle the holder to a free soft drink with a meal at a local takeaway, or money of gas.

With the current economic climate, the perceived value of the discount card is even higher. Who would not want to support their local church as well as save money for their family in the process? In addition, selling fundraising discount cards will help local businesses by encouraging people take advantage of the discounts and use their services.

Where is it possible to get fundraising discount cards?

There are many companies who will make the necessary arrangements with the merchants and manufacture the discount cards for your church fundraising event. It is important when selecting a service that adequate research is taken in order to get the best value for the money you spend, and to also maintain a good product for the people who the cards will be sold to.

Many discount card supply companies can print the Church’s name or logo on to the front of the card. This will remind buyers of the value that the Church provided to them at the fundraising event. Every time they use the card to gain a discount they will compare how much they spent on the card to how much it has saved them. This will reinforce the value provided, and will encourage them to return to the next fundraiser held by the church.

How is money made form the fundraising discount cards?

The production of the discount cards usually come in blocks of 1000, and the price that would be paid per card can range from four dollars, down to one dollar.

The cards are usually sold at ten dollars each, leaving a profit margin of six to nine dollars per card sold. When considering the quantity of discount cards to order remember it is not unusual for one customer to buy multiple cards for other extended family members or friends.

Using fundraising cards to raise more money for the church in the future

The fundraising cards you order will come with an expiration date. They are usually valid for discounts at the various merchants for a year. This is a great opportunity for repeated sales.

When selling the discount cards, collect the email addresses (or home addresses) and names of the buyers on forms. Get them to tick a box to give consent to be notified of other discounts available in the future. When the validity of the current discount card is coming to a close, send out emails to the buyers offering them a new discount card with other exciting discounts. It is also possible to send emails to the buyers inviting them to future fundraising events help by the church.

Fundraising discount cards are a great way to raise money at church fundraising events. As shown, they provide value for everyone involved; the buyer benefits from discounts, local stores benefit from the promotion, and they are a very effective method of raising funds for your church.

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