Church Fundraising Cards – The Number One Way to Raise Needed Funds Quickly

Have you ever considered using church fundraising cards to raise the money you need for the church or youth group? It seems that raising money for one need or another is common these days, and churches use many products and activities in order to gather the funds they need for a new church van, piano, or summer camp for the kids. No matter what the money is for, church fundraising cards should be used either alone, or in conjunction with your other fundraising ideas and activities.

There are many common (and effective) ways of building the coffers until you have reached the amount of money you need. Bake sales, car washes in warm months, and selling cookbooks filled with delicious recipes put together by the ladies of the church have long been popular. These are effective ways to raise money, but when you have needs that are costly, church fundraising cards can help you build the funds quickly, and without the effort that some projects involve.

These cards have been around for years, and there is a good reason why: They’re super valuable, highly profitable and easy to sell! It’s much easier to collect the money you need when you offer a product that customers REALLY want and can use. Church fundraising cards are filled with discounts and savings on products and services offered at your local and national merchants. Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks on food, entertainment, car maintenance services and other common expenses It just makes good sense. When a customer pays only $10 for a card and saves many times that amount over a one year period, what’s not to like?

If you have a large church membership or youth group, profit margins soar. The more church fundraising cards you purchase, the higher the profit margin. Another aspect of using this product to raise money is that there is little planning involved, which saves a great deal of work on those who are usually involved with getting things together. The company you purchase the cards from will contact the merchants for you, and secure their participation. They create the cards for you, and even include your organization’s name on the front, giving them a very professional look.

Today, nearly every family is looking to save money any way they can. Church fundraising cards offer incredible value to the customer, who enjoy purchasing something that they know offers real value – and they support your church and local merchants at the same time, which is even more reason to buy! Use them on their own to raise funds quickly, or combine them with your other efforts. There is no reason it should take 6 months to raise the money you need for your project, when church fundraising cards can help you collect all you need in record time.

Bake sales, car washes and other activities are fun and allow the members or youth group to fellowship with one another, so these types of fundraising activities should always continue. But wouldn’t you love to be assured that you will raise all of the money you need for your project, and not come up short when all is said and done? Church fundraising cards are the number one way to raise all of the funds you need, without all of the stress and headache involved with many other common products used in fundraisers today. Try them once, and you will understand why these cards are highly popular and used by so many churches year after year.

Mark South
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