When Church Fundraising Needs a Boost, Try Fundraising Cards

Women's Ministries Church Fundraising CardChurch Fundraising Cards should be an enjoyable experience, a chance for members of the church to enjoy fellowship in some instances – and of course, to raise money for whatever project you’re working on, whether it’s purchasing a new church van, sending the kids to church camp or building a new fellowship hall in the church. However, there are times when it gets downright old; you’ve held countless bake sales, designed church cookbooks, had the teens participate in car washes for umpteen years. When it all gets to be monotonous and the thought of one more bake sale makes you consider running for the hills, consider fundraising cards.

Why fundraising cards, haven’t they been around for decades? Sure they have, but the beauty of these amazing little cards is that you don’t have to work yourself to death, plan a special function, or lug around heavy boxes as you do with many other products and activities. Church fundraising should be fun, instead of a ton of planning and work. With fundraising cards, you have them with you everywhere you go, tucked away in a wallet, your pocket, car, or purse. When an opportunity comes up to sell a card, you’re always armed and ready to go.

Unfortunately, church fundraising has notoriously fallen on the shoulders of the same members of the church for years and years. Sure, many people are glad to volunteer each and every year that goes by, but sometimes they simply feel it is their “responsibility” after taking the responsibility for such a long time. Fundraising cards give everyone a break from the work of setting up a play or auction, baking cakes, and cookies, washing cars, and hosting spaghetti dinners. On top of that, they’re incredibly profitable, and will likely earn far more money for your group than the good old “stand by” methods of church fundraising.

The thing is, fundraising cards aren’t only an easy, profitable way for your group to quickly raise the money you need, they’re great for stimulating the economy. No one wants to spend a ton of money right now when jobs are scarce and the economy isn’t in the best shape. However, customers enjoy the cards because they’re relatively cheap ($10) and offer a full year of discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers at local merchants for goods and services such as fast food, haircuts, movie rentals, and a night of bowling for the family.

Merchants enjoy the benefits as well when you think about it. Church fundraising cards are often used by customers who buy them to try out a restaurant or beauty shop they’ve never patronized before because they will enjoy a discount. For the merchant, this could mean a potential customer for life if the person using the card enjoys the product or service. It’s just good for business, gives the customer the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money over a year’s time, and lets your group enjoy the ability to raise money faster than ever before.

If you’re one of the many who believe church fundraising isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, consider fundraising cards. Why put forth all of the work, effort, and sweat when you don’t have to? You may be new to fundraising, or you may be one of those church members we were discussing earlier who’s always involved, always ready to take responsibility. Regardless, give this tried and true method of raising money a try – it’s a sure bet you’ll be impressed.