Why College Fundraising Cards are THE Way to Raise Funds

College Sorority Fundraising CardsFundraising cards have been relied on for decades by college groups like sororities, fraternities, Sports teams and clubs or organizations who need to raise money for a special project or other needs – and there are plenty of reasons for their popularity! Unimaginable profit margins, easy sales, and less work than you find with other methods used to raise money are just a few of the reasons that fundraising cards have remained at the top for so long. If your organization has tried nearly everything else and you’re ready for a change, you should see for yourself why so many groups have used these wonderful cards for so many years.

Let’s go a bit more in depth about some of the benefits of fundraising cards:

Unimaginable profit margins. We already mentioned this, but let’s go a bit further so you can understand how it all works. Depending on the size of your group and the number of cards you order and sell, profit margins begin at 50% and go above 100%. How? For every 1,000 cards your organization orders you get 200 free, which is a great deal. Most groups sell the cards for $10 each, which means even at the lowest level your organization will earn $5 for every $10 card sold!

Now, let’s look at it from the other end – very large groups who place a large order. Suppose you have about 500 in your organization who will participate in the selling aspect of your fundraiser. One person can sell 10 cards, some times more. Order 5,000 cards (you get 1,000 free) and sell them all, and your group has earned an almost unheard of amount of money at $53,750! Most groups fall somewhere in the middle; for instance, say you have a group of 200 who will participate, and you order 2,000 cards. Sell them all (in addition to the 400 you get free), and your organization makes $20,500. Can you imagine trying to accomplish this with car washes and candy bars? Not to mention it would take months, if you could even do it.

Fundraising cards nearly sell themselves, meaning little effort for those in your group. If you have been “around the block” a few times when it comes to raising funds, you know that some products aren’t that easy to sell; after all, when the budget is tight not everyone wants or needs a candy bar, jerky, a candle, or item out of a catalog. This is something people really need and want, because the cards offer great deals and savings at a dozen or more local merchants in the customer’s own community – merchants such as restaurants, fast foods, hair salons, quick lube and oil change, etc. Because everyone enjoys great savings on products and services they normally spend money on regardless, fundraising cards go like hotcakes! No high pressure sales tactics from your group necessary at all.

You will also be glad to know that there is very little work involved in getting your fundraiser together. Simply decide which merchants you want to include on the cards, secure their participation (the card company will even handle this aspect of the process for you, if you choose), order the number of cards you need according to the size of your organization, and start selling when they arrive. It really is that easy; how many other things have you ever done to raise money that was so easy?

Now that you understand why college fundraising cards are THE way to raise funds, why would you even consider doing anything else? Try it for yourself, and you will become a believer in the number one way to raise money for college groups, sororities, fraternities, Sports teams, Universities, campuses, clubs or organizations and more.