Discount cards for fundraising have been a popular way for groups and organizations to raise money quickly for decades. Dance clubs, gymnastic teams, football, basketball, soccer, or baseball teams, church groups – all of these organizations need to raise money at one time or another, particularly during tough economic times or when donations seem to be slipping. Sure, there are thousands of different ways you can raise funds for your group’s needs, but why not go about it the easiest, most profitable way possible?

If you’ve got a fund-raising event looming, you may be considering having a bake sale to raise funds – or perhaps you are considering selling candy bars or magazines. These are noteworthy pursuits, but there is an easier and more profitable way. Have you ever considered discount cards for fundraising?

Discount cards for fundraising offer several advantages over other common fundraisers. You can use them to

Discount cards for fundraising offer you an opportunity to gain repeat customers year after year, for every fundraising event you have. Today, people are watching their budgets closer than they have in years, and they do tend to get tired of cookie dough, candy bars and all of the other common fundraising items that have been around for what seems like an eternity. Why not offer something of value that saves people in your community money and makes them feel good about supporting local merchants?