Discount Cards for Fundraising Expect Amazing Results

High School Cheerleader Fundraising CardsDiscount cards for fundraising have been a popular way for groups and organizations to raise money quickly for decades. Dance clubs, gymnastic teams, football, basketball, soccer, or baseball teams, church groups – all of these organizations need to raise money at one time or another, particularly during tough economic times or when donations seem to be slipping. Sure, there are thousands of different ways you can raise funds for your group’s needs, but why not go about it the easiest, most profitable way possible?

So, why do we say to expect amazing results when you use discount cards for fundraising? There are a number of reasons; after you learn more about them, you’ll see why they’re the most trusted and preferred method used to raise funds today. Here are a few of the most important facts you’ll want to know so you can determine if this is a product your group would be interested in promoting.

Profitability. Think back to other products and/or activities you have participated in over the years in order to raise money for a special project or other needs. If yours is a church group, no doubt you’ve been involved in your fair share of bake sales, yard sales, perhaps even raffles for quilts or putting together a cookbook packed with recipes from all of the best cooks in your membership. For the amount of work involved, were the profits that great? When you rely on discount cards for fundraising, you can count on great profits every time you need to raise funds.

Many product offer 50% profit margins; while that isn’t bad, you have to take into consideration the cost of the product, and how many you need to sell in order to raise the money you need. For instance, sell a $2 candy bar for 50% profits, and you keep $1. With the cards, you earn 50% when you order 250 cards, 70% when you order 500 cards, and 100% when you order 1,000 cards! Even at 50%, half of $10 means your group enjoys $5 profit on every card sold. Sure, the customer spends more than the cost of a candy bar – but they’re happy to considering the substantial money they will save over a year’s time.

Popularity of the product. While it’s true nearly everyone loves a good candy bar or cookie dough, most people love saving money even more. Customers are glad to spend $10 on a card they know will save them a great amount of money on products they buy every day, and for an entire year. Who doesn’t buy a shake or burger every now and then, get a hair cut, or have the oil changed in their car? Ordinary expenses are what customers will save money on. When you choose discount cards for fundraising, you choose a popular product that sells easily, which means those in your organization who will be selling won’t have to “push” a product on anyone.

How much work do you want to put into your fundraiser? For most people, time is a rare commodity, and few people have much of it left over at the end of the day. Many fundraising methods require an incredible amount of planning, promoting, and just plain hard work. With these money-saving cards, there is actually very little planning or work involved at all. Contact the merchants in your own community to see if they would like to participate in your fundraiser, order the discount cards from the design and printing company (who, by the way, will contact the merchants for you if you wish), and let the selling begin when the card order comes in. When you think about it, there really is nothing easier, or less stressful.

Now you can clearly understand why we say “expect amazing results.” When you choose discount cards for fundraising, you never have to worry about whether your fundraiser will be a success!