Discount Cards for Fundraising – Get Exceptional Results in Less Time Than with Ordinary Fundraisers

Discount cards for fundraising are a hot item for many reasons. If you have been involved in your share of fundraisers for your church, school or non-profit organization, you know that some methods of raising the money you need can involve more work than you bargained for. On top of that, your group may work hard and put forth a great effort that ends in less than spectacular results. These days, economic conditions make it difficult for anyone needing to raise money, so it’s essential that you offer a product that provides fantastic value to the customer for their money, and great profits for you. This is exactly why so many schools and other groups are using discount cards for fundraising today.

These days, not many people are going to part with their money unless they are really getting something great. When budgets are tight, most people can do without beef jerky or a candy bar. What they do want is a way to save money on things they normally purchase regardless of the economy, which is exactly why discount cards for fundraising are the number one choice for raising the money you need. They provide the customer with great savings on food, family activities, hair styling services, auto maintenance services and more. Most discount cards offer either a discount on products or services, or buy one get one free offers. Customers can see the savings they will experience throughout a one year time period, and the savings stack up to be an amount well over what they paid for the card.

Using discount cards for fundraising, you can expect to raise the money you need in far less time and with less effort as well. There is practically no planning or preparation to contend with, and your group can begin selling the cards as soon as they arrive and you distribute them. Even if you have a small group such as 25 who will be participating in the selling, you can expect to make $1,250 easily, which is exceptional for a group of this size. Think what would happen if you had 100 selling in your group, which could easily be the case if you live in a very large city – your profits would soar to $10,000! At that point, discount cards for fundraising would provide you with a cool 100% profit margin, something you don’t find with fundraising projects very often.

Another very important reason that these valuable cards sell so easily is that customers realize that by supporting your project, they are in effect supporting the local community, and that is important. Merchant services offered on the cards are for those local merchants in your own home town, so customers know they are helping those merchants by giving them more business, and the cards help attract new business to the merchants as well. Discount cards for fundraising actually help support the local economy by providing the customer with savings, business for those stores and merchants in your area, and the money you need for your own school or church project.

The picture should be becoming quite clear to you now; you can easily raise the money you need while actually energizing and stimulating growth in your own community! The honest truth is, when you need to raise a substantial amount of money fast and put forth less work and planning, discount cards for fundraising are the way to go.

Mark South
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