Discount Cards for Fundraising Super Profitable, and Customers Love Them!

Discount cards for FundraisingDiscount cards for fundraising offer you an opportunity to gain repeat customers year after year, for every fundraising event you have. Unlike other items that are popular for raising money for a school organization or church group, people in your community actually look forward to buying discount cards for fundraising. Why would anyone look forward to spending money? Because they offer incredible value, and allow customers to save substantially more over time than they originally paid for the card.

If you think about it, what is the sense in a customer paying $1.50 or $2.00 for a candy bar they may or may not want, and that will be gone in 10 minutes? Besides all the mess and hassle – melting in hot weather, small children toting around heavy boxes, friends or family members eating up the product, then having to pay for it. Discount cards for fundraising offer discounts and substantial savings at local and national merchants on products and services that are commonly used by most people.

Most likely, everyone you know eats, goes shopping at the mall, rents videos, has their oil changed or gets a haircut occasionally. Discount cards for fundraising are so easy to sell, because they offer discounts on these common goods and services. With a dozen or more local and national merchants displayed on the back of the card, it’s hard for most people to pass up such great value. They are designed much like a credit card with bright colors, unique designs and your organization’s name right on the front, along with expiration date and logo. Since they are so small and compact, discount cards for fundraising are easy for anyone of any age to carry with them – and they have the product immediately available upon payment from the customer.

When you are organizing a fundraiser for the PTA, the junior high band, church youth group or any other organization, you want a product that offers exceptional profit margins. Otherwise, you and those involved can nearly work yourselves to death trying to raise all of the funds you need! Discount cards for fundraising offer better than average profits. In fact, the more your order, the bigger your profit margin. Even for small groups that will only be able to sell from 200 to 499 cards, the profit margin is 50%. Scale it up from there, and if your group is large enough to sell 1000 of the cards, your profit margin is a whopping 100%! This is easily achieved, knowing that on average one person sells 10 cards. Get 100 people together, sell 10 cards each, and you have raised $10,000 for your cause – absolutely astounding.

Today, people are watching their budgets closer than they have in years, and they do tend to get tired of cookie dough, candy bars and all of the other common fundraising items that have been around for what seems like an eternity. Why not offer something of value that saves people in your community money and makes them feel good about supporting local merchants? No matter what the economic conditions, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy saving their hard-earned money on products and services they would have paid for anyway. For your next school or church project, try discount cards for fundraising and see what results you get. There is no doubt that you will be so pleased with the profit margins, easy sales and nearly effortless planning that you will return to what is probably the most effective fundraising item in history year after year.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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