Discount Cards Fundraising Made Simple With Less Work and Planning

When you decide to use discount cards fundraising becomes easier than you ever thought possible. If you have been involved in planning a fundraiser for your church or school group in previous years, you know that it can be stressful; you also know that you may have put in many more hours than you planned to. With discount cards, fundraising doesn’t require near the planning and labor on your part, and is easy for those who are doing the actual selling.

The truth of the matter is that raising funds for any cause can be filled with problems. You must choose a product that is profitable, but also one that is easy to sell. Factoring the age group in is essential, because some products that are commonly used in fundraisers are just not suitable for younger children. Children often sell candy bars, which gets to be a headache when the number missing out of the box doesn’t match with the amount of money collected. It’s too easy for friends and relatives to eat a bar thinking they will put the money in the box later, then forget. Carrying around the candy can also be cumbersome for smaller children, so there are better ideas.

With discount cards, fundraising is super easy for everyone involved from the planning stage to actual selling of the product. Since there are no heavy products to carry around, discount cards are the perfect choice even for young children. They can hand over the card upon payment from the customer, and everything is complete at that point. No catalogs to tote around, no product to have to come back around and deliver later on down the road.

There are literally hundreds of products you can sell and things that can be done to raise the funds you need, but why not do it the easiest way possible? With discount cards, fundraising is as easy as it gets. Customers don’t mind at all spending $10 on a card that offers them so much value for their money. Most of these cards offer savings on products and services at a dozen or more local merchants. Customers love the fact that not only are they supporting your cause, they are also supporting the local community by patronizing merchants in the area. In fact, discount cards will allow those who purchase them to save well over the $10 they originally spent over a years time!

When you use discount cards, fundraising becomes very profitable; in fact, the bigger your group the higher the profit margin. Many products actually aren’t very profitable, meaning your group must sell a huge quantity of the products in order to meet their monetary goals. This is another detail you have to think about when you are in the planning stages. How profitable is the product, and how many will have to be sold? Is it something that people will want to spend money on, or is the purchase price unreasonable? Many people these days are on a tight budget, and do not want to spend $12 on cookie dough or other goods that really offer little value. Consumers want real, honest savings which is exactly what discount cards provide.

If you are in a quandary about what to sell in your next project to raise money, consider discount cards Fundraising has never been easier than this, and you will find that the hassles are minimal compared to other things you may have tried in your past efforts.

Mark South
Fundraising Discount Cards

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