Discount Cards for Fundraising Make Raising Money Easy & Stress Free

junior high cheerleadersWhether you are trying to raise money for the church youth group, the junior high cheer leading squad, or any non-profit organization, discount cards for fundraising make collecting the funds you need easy and uncomplicated. If you have been through the process before, you know it can become overwhelming. Having to take orders, collect taxes or shipping fees, and deliver the order after the fact can be stressful. Why make things harder than they have to be, when discount cards for fundraising make the entire process simple?

When you are raising money for any cause, you want the process to be as stress-free as possible for yourself, the group that is participating, and the customer. This is especially true if your group is made up of elementary age children, who often have a hard time handling anything complicated. Discount cards for fundraising make it easy for the kids, and the customer loves participating in something that supports the cause and community merchants.

With many ordinary items that are commonly used in fundraising, the price seems a little exorbitant for the item the customer purchases. Discount cards for fundraising are very affordable for nearly any budget, and provide so much value to the customer. In fact, over one years time the customer will probably earn much more than they paid for the card in savings and discounts. These are savings on products and services they frequently use anyway, and they appreciate the savings.

Everyone eats fast food occasionally, and anyone who drives needs an oil change or minor repair done to their car. Most people enjoy a good movie every now and then, and hair cuts are another ordinary expense. Discount cards for fundraising offer savings and specials at a dozen or more local and Back of a fundraising discount card showing merchant savingsnational merchants, and the cards do not expire for one year. Imagine how many times a customer will use these cards, and you will see just how valuable they are – and how easy they are to sell.

Depending on the size of your group, discount cards for fundraising offer you a very nice profit. If yours is a small group and you order under 500 cards, your profit margin is still 70%! For larger groups that need 1000 or more cards, profit margins range from 100% and even more. Since these cards offer tremendous value at a small price of only $10 to your customer, it is an extremely effective and easy way to raise the money you need.

Sometimes, customers buy a product simply to benefit the church or school, and not really because they want the product. They may even feel a little resentment if the product they buy seems overpriced for the value it offers. With discount cards for fundraising, the actual savings the customer will experience make them feel that they have gotten a bargain for their money, which makes it a product that is super easy to sell.

Elementary age children, teenagers and adults alike enjoy fundraisers when they have a great deal to offer the customer, and the simplicity makes the entire process easy on everyone. The product is in hand, so the customer gets their purchase immediately which is another plus. Local and national merchants in your area gain business, which is a boost to your local economy. When you need to raise money for your group or organization, consider discount cards for fundraising. This is without question the easiest and quickest way to raise funds for your cause, while pleasing the customer with incredible value!

Mark South
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