How About a Discount Cards Fundraiser?

Football Discount Card Fundraiser

Do you ever get tired of selling candy bars and making maybe $1 on each sale, or baking all of those scrumptious pies, cakes, and cookies for the church bake sale to raise funds for your group? Maybe it’s time you did something different and considered a discount cards fundraiser. When you want something that is super profitable and easy, this is absolutely the best way to go;

Why Choose a Discount Cards Fundraiser?

Discount Cards Fundraiser Sample

Super profits in less time. These cards are super profitable, and the more your group or organization sells, the higher your profit margins go. Can you imagine raising $10,000 or more with candy bars or cookie dough? With these handy (and valuable) little cards, it’s easy to raise that kind of money and much more in far less time than with other methods/products. Non-profit organizations won’t have to put down hundreds of dollars upfront

Try a Discount Cards Fundraiser for Incredible Quick Results

Discount Cards Fundraiser

You don’t have to limit yourself or your profit potential though, as a discount cards fundraiser will also work with any other product or method you choose to raise the money your group needs. Many church youth groups get involved in car washes in warmer months; those who want a car wash usually donate $5 or $10 – but what if the teens offered discount cards as well? You would be surprised how many who come through to get a car wash also buy a card,

A Discount Cards Fundraiser is a Great Way to Get Everyone Involved

Not only is there little work involved, a discount cards fundraiser is very profitable, probably the most profitable of anything you’ve ever done to raise money

A Discount Cards Fundraiser Tops All Other Methods of Raising Money

A discount cards fundraiser offers discounts and other special offers on products and services offered by merchants in the customers own backyard, so they are supporting “their own.”

A Discount Cards Fundraiser Beats All Other Methods for Raising Funds Hands Down

A discount cards fundraiser is the perfect solution; the price is within most any budget, the value offered is real, and the entire community enjoys the support.