A Discount Cards Fundraiser Beats All Other Methods for Raising Funds Hands Down

A discount cards fundraiser is not only highly profitable, it’s fun and easier than any other method you have used to raise money for your church, school and non-profit organization needs. Organizing any type of fundraiser can be an enormous amount of work, and the profits you realize for the efforts and work you put forth are often not what you expect. When you want to raise money fast with very little effort, a discount cards fundraiser fits the bill!

There are many reasons for using this popular method for raising funds, including:

1. Incredible value for the customer
2. Business growth for your local merchants
3. Support of the entire community
4. Easy profits for your group or organization
5. Very little prep work or planning involved

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Why would any school, church, sports team or other organization want to do three times the work to raise considerably less money? A discount cards fundraiser can easily result in thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. The larger your group or the more cards you sell, the greater the profits; in some circumstances, your profit margins are 100% and MORE!

Here are a few more facts about a discount cards fundraiser that you may not be aware of:

* Cards are usually designed and printed by the company you order from, and include your group name or logo on the front.
* The company supplying your discount cards will contact merchants in your area to secure their participation, saving you work.
* The product is super easy to sell, even in a down economy due to the incredible value and low price (just $10). The services listed on the back of the card, usually a dozen or more, are services that customers commonly use, and they save a substantial amount of money over a year’s time, making the $10 investment well worth the money.
* A discount cards fundraiser is easy for all involved, whether adults or small children are doing the selling. They can be carried in a pocket, purse or wallet so there are no bulky boxes to carry around, no catalogs to keep up with, and no product to go back out and deliver.

It’s particularly tough to raise money for your cause or project when budgets are tight due to economic conditions. The best way you can secure the funds you need for a new church van, a trip for the youth group, or new uniforms for the football team is to offer something that delivers real, genuine value to the customer. A discount cards fundraiser is the perfect solution; the price is within most any budget, the value offered is real, and the entire community enjoys the support. Merchants attract new business, and you make incredible profits! Can you think of any other method for raising money that offers better profits or supports the local community? It’s doubtful.

When you want to try something different, a discount cards fundraiser is the logical choice; after all, why waste your time, energy and effort planning and executing a fundraiser that brings in only a small portion of the funds you need? By the time you’re ready and have everything in place to begin raising money, you’re exhausted and more than a little stressed out. Next time, play it smart and go about getting the money you need the smart, easy way – with discount cards! Once you experience the ease this method brings and the spectacular profits, you will wonder how you ever made it with all of the other methods you’ve tried in the past.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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