A Discount Cards Fundraiser Tops All Other Methods of Raising Money

If your church, school or other non-profit organization has never tried a discount cards fundraiser, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. The profits are incredible, the cards practically sell themselves, and there is very little planning involved on your part. During tough economic times like we have experienced in the past two years, people aren’t willing to let go of their money easily; they want something that offers them value. A discount cards fundraiser beats candy bars, jerky and other common products designed to raise money by a mile! You don’t have to work yourself in to a frenzy trying to gather the money you need for your project, and you can count on more people to participate simply because it’s easy.

What are the differences between a discount cards fundraiser and other methods you may have tried before? Here are a few examples:

1. Profitability. Most products don’t offer extremely high profits. With discount cards, profit margins are at least 50% even if you order very few. If your group is sizable and can sell even more, profit margins soar beyond 100%! This means you can raise the money you need much faster, and with less effort.

2. Value to the consumer. Candy bars, cookie dough and other items are great, but how much value does the customer really get for their money? Why pay $2 or more for a single candy bar that will be eaten and gone in just a few minutes, when discount cards allow you to save that amount many times over during the course of a year? What’s really attractive about this offer is that people save money on the usual things such as fast food, movie rentals, oil changes for their car and hair cuts.

3. Support for the local community. Even during the best of economic times, many people desire to keep the money they spend in their own community when possible. A discount cards fundraiser offers discounts and other special offers on products and services offered by merchants in the customers own backyard, so they are supporting “their own.”

4. Less work for participants. Anyone who has participated in a fundraiser knows that in many instances there is an incredible amount of planning and work involved. With these little credit card sized cards, the company you purchase from usually does most of the preparation work. They contact the merchants in your area to invite them to participate, print up the cards and place your organization name or logo on the front. All you need to do is account for how many you gave each person involved in the selling! No baking, no pricing garage sale items, no heavy products to carry around, and no catalog orders to have to keep up with and deliver at a later date.

Now that you understand just a few of the enormous benefits of a discount cards fundraiser doesn’t it sound more profitable (and less labor-intensive) than what you’ve been doing in the past? Even if you want to continue the bake sales, auctions, car washes and other things you have been doing for years for the sake of tradition, why not combine your efforts and take in huge profits? The whole point of planning and executing a fundraiser is to collect the money you need for the church, school or other organization, so why not do it using an efficient method that benefits everyone?

Try a discount cards fundraiser the next time you need to gather funds for a project – no doubt you will be amazed at the results.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards