A Discount Cards Fundraiser is a Great Way to Get Everyone Involved

Soccer Fundraising Cards

Has your church, school or organization ever given a discount cards fundraiser a try? If you haven’t, you will find that it is much easier and more profitable than other activities or products you have tried. It’s often hard to get those in your group or organization involved; when you’ve done the same old things time and time again, people grow tired of doing them. A discount cards fundraiser virtually eliminates the planning and preparation involved. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you’re looking for something new and exciting.

Not only is there little work involved, a discount cards fundraiser is very profitable, probably the most profitable of anything you’ve ever done to raise money. Depending on the size of your group and how many will be participating, profits can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Another benefit to these types of fundraisers is that they benefit the community as a whole, important in light of economic conditions today.

How does a discount cards fundraiser help get more of your group involved? Since there are no catalogs to tote around, no boxes of candy, and no 5K marathons to run, it’s just an easy way to raise money. The cards are much like a credit card, so they’re convenient to carry in a purse, pocket or wallet everywhere you go. Offer them any time it’s convenient, whether you are with a group of friends, at church, dining out, at sports events – anywhere! Of course, you can always go door to door, and sometimes the good old-fashioned way works best.

Even in an economic downturn a discount cards fundraiser is the way to go, because of the value offered to the Soccer Fundraising Cards Backcustomer. Imagine today trying to sell a $12 box of cookie dough to someone who has lost their job or is having money problems – it wouldn’t be easy. On the other hand, discount cards offer big savings on products and services that most people spend money on regularly, and these people need to save money in a big way. When times are tough, customers are going to choose a card that saves them money on food, car maintenance, hair cuts and other common expenses far more often than they will spend money on non-essentials like cookie dough or candy bars.

When you choose a discount cards fundraiser, you are helping support the entire community in more ways than you realize. Your organization or group is benefited with the money you need for your project. The customer gets to enjoy big savings over the course of one year. All of that is obvious, but there is one more area that the cards benefit, and that is the actual merchants offering the discounts. Most are local merchants, and they may experience a boost in business simply because someone who purchased a card decides to try out their goods or services – which could mean a new customer for life.

A discount cards fundraiser just makes sense; after all, who in this day and time doesn’t want to save some money? The profit margins are incredible, the work is far easier than most of the activities you have participated in before, and the selling is a piece of cake. What would those in your group rather do, try to push candy bars on people who cannot afford them, prepare for weeks for a play, bake sale, marathon or other event, or just go out and sell a few discount cards? By now, the answer should be crystal clear. A discount cards fundraiser is the smart way to gather the funds you need for any project.

Mark South
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