How About a Discount Cards Fundraiser?

Football Discount Card FundraiserDo you ever get tired of selling candy bars and making maybe $1 on each sale, or baking all of those scrumptious pies, cakes, and cookies for the church bake sale to raise funds for your group? Maybe it’s time you did something different and considered a discount cards fundraiser. When you want something that is super profitable and easy, this is absolutely the best way to go; in fact, you can raise the amount of money you need in far less time, with far less effort.

Who should consider a discount cards fundraiser? School clubs and organizations (the band, cheerleaders, choir, drill team, etc.), sports teams, church groups, the PTA – really any non-profit group that relies on donations for funding. Most methods used to raise funds involve an incredible amount of preparation, time, and work – and extra time is a commodity few of us have today. If you’re looking for something that’s effective but that can be accomplished without intense effort, this is it.

What are the advantages of a discount cards fundraiser? There are too many to discuss here, but we will highlight some of the most important:

Hugely profitable. The profit margins with this type of fundraiser are truly amazing; depending on the size of your group and how many cards you order, profit margins can potentially go beyond 100% because of the fact you receive 200 cards free with every 1,000 you order. Even if you have a small group of about 20 or so, you can still expect to earn 50% profits, which means your organization keeps $5 for every card sold. You can imagine how quickly the profits add up when compared to fundraising products that only offer a dollar or two profit! This means that you can reach your goal in far less time, instead of it taking weeks or even months to raise the amount of money you need.

Customers love them. Sure, most people love candy bars, cookie dough, and popcorn – but how much value do these products offer? With a discount cards fundraiser, you can expect to make easy sales due to the fact that customers realize the value, and that they will save a substantial amount of money on “ordinary” purchases over the course of one year. Everybody, regardless of the economic situation, spends money on food, car maintenance, and hair care. The cards offer discounts at a dozen or more merchants in your own neighborhood or community, so customers save on those necessities that can add up to a lot of money over time. Easy selling means quick profits! In addition, those in your organization will love the fact that the cards nearly sell themselves, so they won’t have to do any “hard selling.”

Eliminates all of the hard work and planning. With a discount cards fundraiser, all you do is secure merchants’ participation, order the cards, then start selling once they arrive. Even easier, have the card company contact the merchants for you, and your group does very little work at all! Another advantage is that because of the cards’ small size, you can easily carry them with you wherever you go, so they’re always at your disposal should a sales opportunity pop up wherever you may be (ball game, restaurant, shopping, your daughter’s dance class, neighbors, etc.). There is really nothing easier when it comes to raising money, so this is the perfect solution for those who have little time to spare.

Even if you don’t mind the work involved with the methods and/or products you’re already using to raise funds for your group or organization, why not try a discount cards fundraiser? Once you see how easy and profitable it really is, you will want to do it again and again, perhaps even in addition to the other methods you use to raise money.