Try a Discount Cards Fundraiser for Incredible Quick Results

Discount Cards FundraiserIf you were to be honest, you would probably say that most of the products, activities or methods you have used to raise money for your church, school group or other organization didn’t produce quick results. With a discount cards fundraiser, you will see that you can raise an incredible amount of money quickly and easier than any method you have used in the past. Why should you use methods that in the end, result in only a few hundred dollars after weeks of preparation and hard work? With a discount cards fundraiser, it’s possible to raise thousands in half the time, and the work involved is almost non-existent.

Why can you raise the funds your group or organization needs so much quicker?

In the last several years, the economic downturn has meant for many people no “unnecessary” spending; they have to save every penny they can, and often live paycheck to paycheck. Because the cards you promote in a discount cards fundraiser offer 10% to 25% discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers at many local merchants, customers can see how they can save, and that it is a real value. Essentially, you can sell the cards far easier than you would be able to sell jerky, candles, cookie dough and other non-essential items.

Additionally, the profit margins are incredible so you enjoy great profits regardless of the number of cards those who participate sell. For instance, sell just 500 cards and your group has made $3,500 dollars to go toward your financial needs! This can easily be accomplished if you have just 40 or 50 individuals who will participate. Sell 3,000 cards, and your group or organization will walk away with an amazing $31,500. Have you ever raised that kind of money before doing something that is easy and requires little work? Not likely.

The nice thing about a discount cards fundraiser is that you can sell them anywhere and everywhere, and keeping them available at all times is easy. Because they are the size of a credit card, you can take them along wherever you go and never have to worry about the heat or storage issues. They’re at your disposal any time you have an opportunity to offer the great savings to someone whether at work, the doctor’s office, the supermarket, even the gas station.

You don’t have to limit yourself or your profit potential though, as a discount cards fundraiser will also work with any other product or method you choose to raise the money your group needs. Many church youth groups get involved in car washes in warmer months; those who want a car wash usually donate $5 or $10 – but what if the teens offered discount cards as well? You would be surprised just how many people who come through to get a car wash will also buy a card, because everyone loves a chance to save money. These cards allow the bearer to save at a dozen or more merchants in your local area for a period of one year, so you can easily see the monetary benefits to the customer.

Sure, you can go on selling candy bars at $2 or $3 each, but you won’t sell as many simply because so many people have cut out “frivolous” spending. With a discount cards fundraiser, the money adds up quickly, sales are easy and merchants benefit as well from increased business, meaning essentially your community benefits as a whole. Expect to see incredible – and quick – results with a discount cards fundraiser!

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