Why Choose a Discount Cards Fundraiser?

Discount Cards Fundraiser SampleIf your school or church group or other organization has never given a discount cards fundraiser a try, there’s never been a better time than now. Why? The economy isn’t in the best shape, and people like nothing better today than saving money – which is exactly what the cards allow them to do! Sure, wrapping paper, chocolate and cookie dough are all great items, but today’s consumers want savings, something they can enjoy right away with this method of fundraising.

Here are a few other reasons to choose a discount cards fundraiser:

It’s just easier. Think about all of the methods your group has used in the past to raise money for your project. Did most of them require a substantial amount of preparation and/or planning – and even a lot of work in the actual fundraising?

No money upfront in most cases. Non-profit organizations won’t have to put down hundreds of dollars upfront, or pay for the goods before you even sell them. With fundraising cards, you have the opportunity to make sales for the first couple of weeks so that you can pay for the cards from proceeds of those first sales.

They’re perceived as real value by the customer. There aren’t many items that potential customers view as something they just have to have; after all, when money is tight who really has to have a candle, candy bar or jerky? No one. With a discount cards fundraiser, your customer pays $10 for a card that offers discounts and savings at a dozen or more local merchants – and they can enjoy those savings for an entire year.

Merchants benefit as well. Because the cards generally feature special offers from merchants at the local level rather than those that are national, your community benefits because the businesses in your area do. Merchants enjoy the exposure because they are listed on the cards, and new business when people come in to get their discount. Stimulate the economy in your own local area, while your group raises the money it needs and customers enjoy great savings!

Fewer issues to weigh your group down. Many fundraising products, methods and activities have a whole gamut of issues tied to them that make it more difficult than it has to be. For instance, with catalog sales you must get the orders together, collect the money, then send the order off. Wait for several weeks, and when the orders come in you go back out to deliver the goods. Candy bar boxes can be cumbersome for little tykes, and if you aren’t careful in hot weather you will go back to the car to find they’ve turned to chocolate syrup. With a discount cards fundraiser, there are literally no issues to bog you down.

Super profits in less time. These cards are super profitable, and the more your group or organization sells, the higher your profit margins go. Can you imagine raising $10,000 or more with candy bars or cookie dough? With these handy (and valuable) little cards, it’s easy to raise that kind of money and much more in far less time than with other methods/products.

All around, a discount cards fundraiser is just plain smart no matter how you look at it. When you’re tired of the hassles, work, and planning involved and just want something that really works and is simple, think fundraising cards.

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