You Should Give Discount Cards Fundraising a Try

Discount Cards fundraising works for Bands, Marching bands, Choirs and Music DepartmentsUnless you have lived under a rock for many years, no doubt you have heard of discount cards fundraising. If for one reason or another your group or organization has never tried it, there are many more reasons why you should. When you need to raise money from a special project, trip, or simply to pay the bills you want to do it as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible. This is the simplest way there is today to raise funds with little work and effort, in a shorter amount of time, and with huge profit potential.

Here is how discount cards fundraising works:

First, decide what merchants in the neighborhood you would like to contact to participate. You can also have the card company take care of this for you if you prefer. You need a minimum of a dozen merchants, so that you can have at least a dozen special “deals” on the backs of the cards. These “deals” include percent off (15%, 20%, etc.) on a fast food meal, oil change for the car, hair cut or color, etc. – or, some merchants will want to do a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

Once you have secured the merchants, determine how many cards you will need to order. Most individuals can easily sell 10 cards, so multiply the number of people who will do the selling by 10 to determine the number of cards you need. You may want to order a few extra so that there will be plenty if some in your organization sell more than 10.

Discuss your fundraiser with someone at the card company. If it’s your first fundraiser, you can even speak with the company before you contact the merchants to learn more about how it works, and get help to make your fundraising efforts more effective. While discussing your fundraiser with someone at the company, he/she will get details about your organization, its name, any logo you may want on the card, and other information. The card company can then design your cards with the colors/design/logo you prefer. You can then order the number of cards you determined you need for your group. All that’s left is to wait for them to arrive, and your organization will be ready to begin selling.

Let the selling begin! With discount cards fundraising, the selling is the easy part, as customers are usually eager to save money on those things they purchase regularly. For just $10, the customer enjoys a card that lets him or her save at restaurants, the local gym or hair salon, family activities, and more for a whole year. Customers today want value; many simply will not spend their hard-earned money on things they may consider frivolous, such as cookie dough or candy bars. The selling is easy, and your profits grow quickly – in fact, you can raise the amount of money you need in far less time than with other methods.

Profit margins are fantastic and range from 50% ($5 per card) to over 100% depending on how many are in your group, and thus how many cards you order/sell. How can profit margins possibly be more than 100%? With every 1,000 cards you order, you get 200 at no cost.

Now you can see why it’s time to give discount cards fundraising a try; are you ready for results that go far beyond anything you have ever tried before?