A Discount Cards Fundraiser Requires Little Effort for Amazing Profits

You have no doubt heard of discount cards, a fundraiser item that has taken the fundraising world by storm. If your church needs a new gym for the youth, your elementary school needs new playground equipment, or you have other needs in your organization, this is the way to go. Never in fundraising history has a single item provided such an exceptional profit level on something that is so easy to sell!

When you decide to use discount cards, your fundraiser will see the best results ever. Over the years, you have most likely run the gamut of all of the popular products from candy bars and cookie dough to jerky and catalog sales – and you probably worked yourself to death in the process. Fundraising doesn’t have to be so difficult, and everyone who participates can actually enjoy themselves.

You may wonder what is so great about discount cards. A fundraiser often requires a great deal of work, both on the part of those planning the event as well as those participating. If you have ever sold items through catalogs, you know the work involved. First, the customer must choose which item/items they would like to order. Then, you collect the money, turn in the orders and wait for the items to ship, at which point those involved must go BACK out again to deliver the product. Whew! More work than a lot of people want to get involved in. With discount cards, your fundraiser doesn’t require near the effort and the profit margins are just incredible.

The problem with many items is that they just don’t offer the value of discount cards, and in tight economic times consumers would rather hold on to their money than purchase something of little value like candy bars and cookie dough. With discount cards, a fundraiser can be more profitable than ever before; in fact, you can reach profit levels of 100% and beyond! They sell easily, simply because of the fact that they offer so much value. Discounts on goods and services in your area at local and national merchants save the consumer way more than they originally pay for the card, which is a mere $10 – easy sell.

On average, each person in your group will sell 8 to 10 cards. Even calculating on the low end of the scale, 25 participants selling 8 cards each is 200 cards, which allows you a 50% profit margin. At this rate, you easily make $1,000! Just think of the money you can raise if you have a large church membership, where 50 or 75 kids enjoy the youth ministry. With that many young kids and teens involved, you could easily sell 500 to 750 cards, which means you hit a 70% profit margin and earn a whopping $3500 to $5,250. Can you think of any other product with this kind of earning potential that consumers will gladly buy?

A discount cards fundraiser is the only way to go when you want to build your profits fast. Consumers recognize the fact that they are supporting your needs, while at the same time supporting merchants in the local community – and saving themselves a good deal of money on products and services they would normally purchase anyway. When you look at the big picture, it’s the only product that really makes sense when you want to raise funds fast, save yourself some effort, and offer an exceptional deal to the consumer. Next time you need to raise money quickly, try a discount cards fundraiser! Easy Fundraising Cards

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