Are You Using Discount Cards For Fundraising? Why You Should Be

If your church, school or other organization is not using discount cards for fundraising, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to earn huge profits as well as offer a product that offers extreme value. Various groups and non-profit organizations use all sorts of methods to raise money, from 5K races and walks to donations from individuals in the community. Discount cards for fundraising are one way to add to your funds that requires far less work than other methods, and they can be used alone or in conjunction with the other activities you normally partake in.

Sure, getting donations is nice, and every little bit helps you get to your goal. You may even take the time to go around to local businesses to solicit a donation. For churches, bake sales, yard sales and car washes are common; schools hold various functions and activities to raise the money they need. When you choose to use discount cards for fundraising, you will find that you accumulate the funds you need much quicker without nearly the work involved in other activities.

Another reason you should consider using discount cards for fundraising is that they contribute in some way to the entire local community. The person who buys the card has the opportunity to save money for an entire year on things they normally buy, such as food, haircuts, entertainment and car maintenance. They spend only $10 for the card, but the savings they experience over the life of the card is far greater than their investment.

Another way that discount cards for fundraising benefit the community is by helping businesses grow. The merchants Sample fundraising card backwho choose to participate in the program draw in new customers, because the holder of the card is likely to try out all of the various offers so that they can save money. If the person is satisfied with the product or service, they are likely to become a regular customer of the merchant. This means that local businesses grow, which is good for the entire community.

Now, for the part that matters most to you as an organization that needs funds to support your projects: Choosing discount cards for fundraising allows you to make profits that are well above what you would earn with other products. In fact, you can even experience profit margins that are above 100% if you sell 2,000 or more cards! There are actually many benefits to you; the product offers real value so they are easy to sell. The company you purchase the cards from take care of contacting the merchants in your area, they print the cards for you, place your organization name or logo on the front, and ship them to you. As you have probably figured out by now, there is little left for you to do besides hand them out to those participating and let the selling begin!

When you include discount cards for fundraising, you will see that you can raise the money you need quickly and easily. They’re easy to take everywhere you go, so you always have them if an opportunity comes up for you to offer them to someone. You can use them along with any other activities you do or products you sell. Take them to school, work, to church – anywhere there will be people! Once you try discount cards for fundraising, you will find out just how easy it really is to build up those funds quickly. Give it a try – you’ll be impressed!

Mark South

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