Discount Cards and Their Incredible Fundraising Benefits for Your Church or Organization

Discount cards have become the number one product for fundraisers today. Many churches and non-profit organizations rely on donations to keep their organizations afloat. Other than that, fundraising products and events help raise money when the need arises. If you have yet to give discount cards a try, you will find that these handy cards are one of the easiest ways to raise money quickly – and the profit margins are incredible.

Car washChurches often hold bake sales, concerts or groups singing, car washes and other methods to raise money. Other organizations hold marathons or host special dinners; you may also write letters to various businesses and organizations requesting the donation of money or goods. Discount cards are an easy way to raise funds whether you need just a little money or a substantial amount for a special project.

The great thing about discount cards is that while they are hugely beneficial for your church or organization, they benefit others at the same time. Customers enjoy being able to spend such a small amount of money for a card that offers so much value. In times of economic stress, most people would rather spend $10 for something that gives them the opportunity to save over a full one-year time period than spend $2 for a candy bar that offers no tangible benefit.

You will also find that the offers on discount cards often apply to local merchants, although some are at the national level. This means that if Carol owns a hair salon in town and offers a special deal to those that purchase the discount cards, she may attract new clients. This can be a real boost for your local economy, and it’s always preferable to keep money within your own community when possible.Hair Salon

The biggest benefit to your organization is that discount cards offer much higher profit levels than other products, and they’re easy to sell due to the perceived value by the customer. Imagine how hard your group would have to work if it were necessary to raise $5,000 by hosting car washes or selling candy bars. With discount cards, you would reach your $5,000 goal by selling about 714 cards – and that’s not hard to do, considering each participant usually sells 10 or more cards. If you live in a larger city this could be accomplished in no time at all.

Of course who’s to say that you have to use discount cards on their own? When combined with other products and fundraising activities, you will see that raising money becomes much less stressful. With the popularity of Facebook, you might even find that you have some luck selling the cards to all of your friends. They’re easy to transport due to the fact that they are the size of a typical credit card, so you can take them along everywhere you go. You never know when you may have the perfect opportunity to make a sale!

Fundraising Card backNow that you realize that discount cards offer far more benefits to those other than your own group, isn’t it time to give them a try? Once you do, you will see that any time you need to raise money in the future you have one product you can depend on to offer amazing results. Whether you are a church, school or other organization you will be pleased when you see just how easy it is to raise the funds you need, all while helping those who buy from you and stimulating your local economy.

Mark South
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