Discount Cards for Fundraising Are an All-Around Great Deal

Bethany Church of God Discount Card frontEven though churches, schools and other non-profit organizations want to help the community as much as possible, most often they are looking out for their own best interests when it comes to raising money for a need or project. Discount cards for fundraising help not only your cause, but those who purchase the cards as well as the participating merchants, thereby supporting the community as a whole. Can you think of any other fundraising product or event that benefits all parties? Not likely.

While there are many reasons that groups all over the United States and beyond choose discount cards for fundraising, the high profit margins are the primary reason. Your group needs money for a new library at the elementary school, to build additional Sunday school rooms at the church, or to go on a youth trip over the summer. Using discount cards for fundraising makes collecting any amount of money an easy task, no matter how much you need or how little.

If your group is a church group and you typically do bake sales, cookbooks and the other common activities to raise money, think about it. How many pies doSelling Pies as a fundraiser you have to sell at $6 each to reach that $3,000 you need? With discount cards for fundraising, you could reach $3,500 by selling only 500 cards! This is an easy accomplishment considering that most participants sell at least 10 cards, some many more. Have 40 or 50 people that can get involved? You could have that $3,000 in just days instead of weeks or months.

Now that you can see how profitable it is to use discount cards for fundraising, you may wonder how this can be such a fantastic deal for customers, merchants and your local community. These cards commonly sell for $10, which is within most people’s budgets. Even in hard economic times, don’t you believe that almost anyone would rather spend $10 that will save them a substantial amount of money over a one-year time period than to spend $12 on a box of cookie dough? No matter what shape the economy is in, people are still going to eat, get their cars serviced, get hair cuts and enjoy the occasional family activity. These types of goods and services are exactly what is offered with discount cards.

Discount card sample back

Merchants benefit when you choose discount cards for fundraising as well, because it helps attract new business. When a merchant offers a 10% discount on goods or a buy one get one free deal at their fast food restaurant,people are going to come – and many of these customers will be new customers who are patronizing the business because of the discount. Many of those customers will remain regular customers, so you can see how discount cards for fundraising benefit the merchants in your local community.

Now you can easily see how using discount cards for fundraising help spread the good will all around, not only for your organization but for everyone involved. Oh, and there is another benefit that is sure to cinch the deal: With discount cards, you don’t have weeks or months worth of planning and preparation to worry about! Just sit back, relax and let the company you purchase the cards from secure the merchants participation and ship the cards off to you. All your group needs to do is sell! When it comes to raising any amount of money for any need or project while benefiting the community as a whole, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Mark South
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