Discount Cards Make Fundraising Enjoyable Again

After a while, it seems that every product you sell or activity you plan in order to raise money for your cause gets – well, old to be blunt. Schools, churches and other organizations tend to do the same old things over and over again. If this sounds familiar, you need to try discount cards just once, and you will be convinced that this is the way to go every time you need to raise funds.Discount Card Fundraiser Back

Why should you try discount cards instead of those other old stand-by’s you’ve become accustomed to? There are several reasons, a few being that they are an easy sell, offer incredible profits, and are minimal work for your group. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a product that you could simply carry with you everywhere you go, make a sale when the opportunity allows, and not have the hassles of preparing and planning? That’s exactly what discount cards offer – all of the profits minus all of the hard work and preparation.

Exactly what are discount cards, and why do we say they are so easy to sell? These cards offer savings at a dozen or more local merchants in the community where the customer lives. For only $10, the customer can save on food, activities, car maintenance, fitness, and many other products and services over the course of one year. When a customer is getting offered an incredible deal, they know it, which is why this is such as easy sell. Considering the state of the economy right now, it makes the sell even easier because everyone is looking for ways to cut corners and save money.

Carload of boxes to deliverImagine not having to carry boxes of candy bars or cookie dough around, or having to lug catalogs around and then go back out to deliver the goods to the customer once the orders come in. This is another thing that makes discount cards such an attractive item for fundraisers! Everyone can easily carry the cards in their pocket, wallet or purse, so carrying the goods everywhere you go is no problem – and you have the product right there when the customer makes a purchase. Add to that the fact that you can have them right there with you when you are shopping, dining out or enjoying a night at the theater, which means you can pull them out at any time and make a sale.

The profits are what will really astound you about discount cards, and we can practically guarantee that you will raise the money you need in far less time than with other products you may have sold in the past. Consider that the average person will sell at least 10 cards, and the more cards you buy the higher the profit margins. Order up to 499 cards, and your group keeps $5 per card of the $10 selling price. Order 500 to 999 discount cards, and your group keeps $7 for every card sold. Once you reach the 1,000 cards mark, you’re actually making 100% profits because you get 200 free with every 1,000 ordered. In a word, incredible.

Now, let’s break this down to simple math. If your group sells 500 cards (which is easy to accomplish if you have 40 to 50 in your group), your total profit is $3,500! Sell 1,000 discount cards, and your profits soar to $10,000 – sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? How many candy bars or boxes of cookie dough would you have to sell to raise that kind of money? Even to think about it is exhausting, but now you don’t have to.

Great product, amazing profits, incredible value for the customer, minimal planning, new business for the merchants in the community. Discount cards offer everything you’ve been looking for in one tidy little product, wouldn’t you agree?

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards