Discount Cards Offer Easier Profits

Sample Discount CardsDiscount cards have been around for years, and they’re still just as profitable today as they were a decade ago. Whether yours is a church group or other non-profit organization, you know that many methods of raising money for certain needs involve a lot of work and preparation – and even then, they’re often not really that profitable. With discount cards, there’s almost no work involved at all, and the profits are amazing. An added benefit? It’s a very healthy alternative to candy bars, cookie dough, popcorn and jerky!

Think about churches, and how most of them bring in a little money for the youth group or other needs – with bake sales! Considering how obese our country has become, discount cards are a much healthier option. Cakes, pies, cookies, candy bars, cookie dough; it’s unfortunate that most of the products organizations promote to make money are unhealthy and contributing to the obesity problem. And the really crazy thing is, the work involved in selling these other products or even holding a bake sale is substantial. With candy bars and cookie dough, you can’t leave the products inside a car or trunk when the weather’s warm because of spoilage issues. You need a place to store them, and for little tots hauling around those heavy boxes isn’t easy. Discount cards just make good sense, any way you look at it.

These credit-card sized cards are healthy in another way as well, which is that they help stimulate your local economy. Today, the economic climate is not what most people would call healthy; with discount cards, the customer can spend money to purchase the card with a clear conscious, as a mere $10 allows him or her to save money on local products and services for an entire year. It’s hard to justify spending $5 or $6 on a couple of candy bars or $12 on cookie dough when you’re in a financial bind.

Other ways that discount cards stimulate the local economy is through the local merchants, who enjoy increased business when a potential new customer comes in to enjoy the discount. All around, it’s an affordable, more profitable way to raise money whether your group is in need of a few hundred dollars, or even tens of thousands. Here’s a quick example of the profits you can expect with these handy little cards:

If you have a small group of 20 or 25 and order 250 cards, your cost is $5 per card, meaning you enjoy a 50% profit margin. Sell 250 cards, and your profit is $1,250, not bad considering in most cases one person can sell 10 or more cards.

Have a large group of say 200 people who will be participating in the selling of the cards? Your group could easily sell 2,000 cards, which cost you $1.75 each due to the fact the more you order, the cheaper your cost. Your total profit at this rate would be $20,500 – and how many times have you ever raised that amount of money using other products or methods to raise funds? Most likely, you’ve never raised anywhere close to that amount without a considerable amount of time, effort and work involved.

Are you ready to get healthier in your fundraising efforts, and earn more profits in a way that’s easier than ever before? Consider discount cards, the one method of raising money that’s simpler than all others, healthier, and perhaps most important of all, more profitable.

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