Discount Cards the Easiest Way to Raise Funds

Sorority-Discount-CardsDiscount Cards – Because There’s Just No Easier Way to Raise Funds

Discount cards are one of the most preferred methods for raising funds today for churches, school groups, sports teams and other non-profit organization – and it’s really no surprise. Considering their ease and profitability when compared to other fundraising products and activities, it just makes sense for those who would rather avoid the hard work and stress often found with other methods.

So, why do we say discount cards are the easiest way to raise funds? Here are just a few of the reasons:

They’re valuable. You can’t say that about many of the popular fundraising products today. Take for instance cookie dough or candy bars. How valuable are these products to the customer, really? Not very, other than they’re certainly tasty and good for putting a few pounds on. Discount cards are truly valuable to the customer, who pays only $10 to save on things they typically spend money on regularly for an entire year. When you consider how many times in a one year period you get a haircut, buy burgers or shakes, have the oil changed in your car, and other ordinary purchases, it’s easy to see how the savings can really add up! How does value make these incredible little cards easy? Because you don’t have to do much “hard selling” or convincing in order to get the customer to buy.

Order, start selling, watch your profits grow. How simple is that? With discount cards, you don’t have many of the problems you often encounter with other products used for fundraising. There are no worries about melting when the temperatures soar like you may have experienced with candy bars. You never have to worry about whether you have room to store the product, and lugging boxes around is a thing of the past. And catalog orders where you have to go around taking orders, send the order in, then go back out and deliver the goods once they arrive (that is, if they’re all correct)? Forget about it! With discount cards there is practically no planning involved, either, other than deciding which merchants you want to include on the cards. You can contact them yourself, or have the card company do it for you.

Rake in profits faster than ever before. Who wants to spend months planning a fundraiser, or have it take months to raise the amount of money you need for your group or organization? It can be really frustrating when it takes months just to raise a few hundred or even a thousand dollars. With discount cards, the profit margins are incredible, and depending on the size of your group you can raise hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in no time at all – without all the hard work!

Those who participate in your fundraiser will appreciate the ease, and having a product that practically sells itself. Merchants will be happy to have increased exposure by having their offers on the cards, and customers just love the savings – and have for years. In fact, you’ll find many of the same customers who purchase discount cards from you will look forward to buying from you again when another year rolls around. There you have it – just a few of the biggest reasons discount cards are the easiest way to raise funds. When you’re ready to do something quick and easy without the exhausting planning and hard work, try something that’s been proven to work for decades.