Discount Cards The Most Effective Way to Raise Funds in a Hurry

Discount cards are now widely familiar to most people, and are one of the easiest ways to raise the money you need quickly. Whether for church needs, a school project or non-profit organization, you won’t find another product that offers the profitability and value of discount cards. If you have ever been part of a fundraising effort before, you know it isn’t always fun; in fact, it can be a huge headache. It doesn’t have to be, if you just devise a plan of attack before you ever begin!

When groups or organizations arrange a fundraiser the first time, they often don’t put a great deal of thought in to how to build more profit with less effort. It is essential that you know the margin of profit on a product before you decide it is the solution. Discount cards offer extremely high profit margins, which means less work on those involved in the selling. They make things easier on the individuals involved in the planning as well, as there is no shipping or delivery to worry about. Those who sell have the discount cards with them, so that transaction is a simple one requiring only the exchange of payment and card.

Most consumers appreciate discount cards because they receive real value for the money they spend. Who can argue with a product that costs only $10, but potentially saves you several times that amount over the year? Everyone has to eat, everyone needs a haircut occasionally, and most people have their car serviced or the oil changed every now and then. Discount cards offer substantial savings on common products and services that are needed by nearly every person you know.

Think about some of the products you may have used in your fundraising attempts before; candy bars, cookie dough, candles, etc. If you are doing a fundraiser during the summer months, this can be a real hassle. Chocolate melts easily, as does candle wax. It’s very unappetizing to even think what may happen to cookie dough if it remains in a hot car for a while. Not to mention that with most of these products, you would have to sell an enormous quantity to equal the profits you make by selling far fewer discount cards.

Another positive aspect of these valuable cards is the professional look they offer. While they are made of plastic and very similar in size to a credit card, you are able to have your group or organization’s name printed right on the front, which is impressive. On the back, you will find a dozen or more local and national merchants offering all kinds of savings and discounts. Additionally, many companies that offer discount cards contact the merchants for you, and secure their participation which saves many steps for you in the planning process.

Generally, friends, neighbors and family members feel good about supporting your need with discount cards. No other product allows consumers to feel that they are supporting not only your cause, but the local merchants in your area as well, which is a boost for the economy. The best product is one that is priced right for any budget, offers a high level of profit, and delivers unbeatable value to the consumer.

Now, are you beginning to see the effectiveness of discount cards for your fundraising needs? The solution is simple, so there is no reason to make raising money for your group any more difficult than it has to be.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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