The Magic of Discount Cards for Raising Money

Fundraiser discount cardDiscount cards are the very best solution for raising money for any project, whether you’re a church, school, sports team or any other non-profit organization. Fundraising has been a popular way to raise funds for decades; the church needs a new fellowship hall, the school is in need of a larger library, or the football team needs money for new equipment. It makes no difference whether you need $1,000 or $100,000, discount cards are the fastest direct line to incredible profits.

It’s natural to want to raise the money you need in the most efficient, profitable way possible. Who wants to do more work and planning than they have to, only to earn a drop in the bucket compared to the total amount of money needed for a project? There are so many reasons that discount cards are THE solution when you need to raise money; you will be hard pressed to find any other product or activity that will allow you to get the funds you need so quickly, without laborious preparation and work.

Here are a few highlights you will find interesting regarding the power of discount cards:

1. More people in your group are likely to participate simply because it is so easy and enjoyable. There are no bulky products to lug around, you don’t have to wait around while the customer browses a catalog, and no going back out to deliver orders once they arrive. The participant has the cards with them, so the goods are delivered as soon as the customer pays!

2. Genuine value in a down economy is important. With discount cards, customers easily see the incredible value discounts on family outingbeing offered, which is important when the budget is tight. These cards offer discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers on all types of products and services offered by merchants in your local area. Food, family activities, car services and other frequently used services are offered on these cards which usually advertise a dozen to 20 merchants.

3. The customer saves much more than they pay for the card. Since the products and services offered on discount cards are those that most people use every day, your customer can easily see that they will save substantially more than the $10 they pay for the card over the course of a year.

4. It’s a great way to stimulate your own local economy! Customers know that when they purchase a card, they are not only supporting the needs of your group, they’re supporting merchants in their own neighborhood. The company where you purchase the discount cards usually secure the merchants for you, saving you a lot of leg work and phone calls in the process.

Top Fundraising Card Profits5. PROFITS. You will be amazed when you learn just how much you can raise for your project with these cards. Whether you have tried candy bars, cookie dough, catalog sales, t-shirts or any other method of raising money, it’s practically a guarantee that you did not realize the profits you will with this method. The more you sell, the higher the profits – and even if your group is extremely small, you will still earn an incredible $5 per card, which translates to $1,250 if you only sell 250 cards! Imagine what your profits can climb to if you sell 600 or so cards, at which point your profit margins increase to 70%.

The point is, you can see how discount cards are an amazing and simple method of raising the money you need for any cause your group may have. Would you consider discount cards “magical?” We would, when you consider great profits, very little work and almost zero planning it’s simply the only way to go!