Try Discount Cards for Fundraising – You’ll Be Amazed How Quickly the Profits Accumulate

Easy FundraisingIf you’ve never tried discount cards for fundraising, be prepared to be amazed! Whether you need money for a church, school, sports team or other organization, you know that many activities meant to raise funds aren’t all that profitable – and the enormous amount of work involved leaves you exhausted before you ever get started. Are you ready for something that is extremely easy, requires very little planning or work on your part, and is incredibly profitable? That’s exactly what you will find with discount cards for fundraising – an answer to your prayers.

Think about some of the other common fundraising products you may have tried in your previous efforts to raise money for your project. Catalog sales, candy bars, jerky, candles, cookie dough – did you make all of the money you needed quickly? It could be that either you didn’t raise the total amount of money you needed, or it took what seemed like forever. When you use discount cards for fundraising, you will see just how easy it is to raise a substantial amount of money in practically no time at all!

Suppose the entire 5th grade class is going to get involved, and there are 200 kids in this class. On average, any participant will usually find it an easy task to sell 10 to 15 cards each, and at a minimum of 2,000 cards sold your Back of fundraising discount cardprofits are $20,500! These cards sell for $10 each, and when you sell 2,000 to 2,999 your profit margin is 102.5%! Can you say that for any of the products you have sold in the past? Not to mention that fact that most people, especially in these hard economic times, will find a $10 discount card much more valuable than a $2 candy bar that will be gone in 10 minutes. Discount cards for fundraising are good for one year, which means your customer will save money for a long time to come on things they use every day. Consumers are smart, and they see the incredible value offered in these cards.

Another reason that you will find these cards easy to sell is that the customer realizes they are supporting the businesses in their own local community, not to mention your case. The company that provides discount cards for fundraising usually do all of the work for you; they secure the participation of local merchants, print the cards up and place your organization name or logo on the front of the card. The merchants in your area experience an increase in business, and your organization quickly builds the funds they need for any project, trip or activity. Why take 6 months to collect the money you need when you can easily raise the money in half the time AND provide a product of real value to the customer?

Bake SaleYou know that you can do many things to raise the money you need, whether it be car washes, auctions, cookbooks, bake sales, t-shirts or other methods that are well known. Why would anyone want to put more work, effort and time into raising the funds you need when it is totally unnecessary? If you have never tried discount cards for fundraising, we challenge you to give them a try – you will be totally amazed at the results, and you’ll feel good knowing you offered a product that truly helps the customer and those merchants in your own community. It’s really a great feeling when you can quickly raise the money you need AND offer something of substantial value in times that are financially tight for many people.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards