Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, concerns, or need special assistance about fundraising cards please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you have any merchants that allow for nation wide use?

Do you only operate out of Ohio?

Who secures the businesses for the card?

Can we request merchants for our card?

How do you get the merchants that will be on our card?

What type of merchants are typically on each card?

What is the radius about the central street location that you use?

Which merchants would be on the cards? We live in zip code 31410

How will I know if we will like the merchants on the cards?

Can you send a list of participating businesses that you have listed for our area?

Our organization is looking into purchasing the fundraising cards. We have two cities (where our two college campuses are) that we are looking to include merchants from for the cards. How would this work?

Do your cards offer discounts in our area?

Will we get to see the card before going to print?

Can we get sample cards to sell from with an order sheet then order the quantity we need.

I have already secured a few local businesses for our card. Will you accept the ones we have secured and work to get the others?

We are a non profit organization that serves the entire state of Ohio. How can we get one card with multiple merchants on it that people will be able to use wherever they live?

Is the number of merchants limited to 18, like on the samples? Can merchants be listed in line format instead of block format (IE. McDonald's 10% off order) so that more merchants are listed?

Will you get the merchants then let us decide if we want to place an order?

Will the cards be good around the whole city, county or country?

Do you have select businesses already on board?

How do you determine the merchants that will be on our cards?

Would it be possible to get cards with Restaurants and fast food places only?


Do we have to pay upfront for the cards?

Can we select a different price amount to be printed on the front of the card instead of $10

How much of the selling price do we get to keep for our organization

Is shipping included?


What kind of offers are on the card?


What is your lead time on 500 cards

Can we get the initial order of cards and then take orders on an order sheet per student?

I was wondering is there a contract or agreement we need to do in oder to start the process?

How do we get started?

Are the cards shipped to us and we return what is not used along with the $5 each for sold?

Can we order less than 250 cards?

Can I reorder cards if I run out?

We are a non-profit organization - how does that work with no money up front?

What do you require to allow an organization to have 14 days to pay? Just being a 501c3 or are there other requirements?

Are the discounts on the card 1 time use? or can they be used many times as long as the card is current?

What is the minimum number of cards that can be ordered?

DIY - Cards

Can we just have one to three merchants on our cards? We live in a small area and don't have allot of the chains?

Do you have a contract to secure merchants for the DIY cards?


Can you use the fundraising discount cards on line?

Is there any additional costs/restrictions if we are in Hawaii?

what size are the cards?

What is the format you use for the design on front and can I supply you with design?

Do we have to be a registered non-profit organization with IRS clearance? What if we are a parent group trying to raise money for our children's class field trip...we have an Employer Identification Number number, but we are not a 501c3 organization.

How many times can I use each coupon on the card?

Can a profit organization use these cards?

In your experience how many cards are sold per participant? I know it is a range but but what is your best guess experience?

Do the cards expire?

Can the unsold cards be returned?

How long will it take to get our cards?

Do we have to pay any money upfront?

I have purchased a card from cheer and dance but I need to know how to use it?

How do I register the card I purchased?

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