It is official! Football Discount Cards to Fundraise Fast

Football Discount card fundraisingFootball Discount Cards are a Great Way to Raise Money Fast

When you want to raise money fast, there is no better way to do it than with discount cards. Whether you are involved with the 4th grade elementary class, the junior high band, a sports team, or the church youth group, this is the way to raise funds with less stress and work. When you can accomplish your goals in less time and without all of the frustration, why not go for it?

Discount cards have been around forever, and have worked for thousands of groups and organizations over the years. A few reasons they have continued to be so popular is the high profit margins, ease in selling, and the fact that there is hardly any preparation or hard work. If you’re considering this type of fundraiser, here are a few facts you will be glad to know:

Customers love, love, love them!

People are frugal, even those who really don’t have any financial worries. Who wouldn’t love to save money on hair cuts, an oil change for the car, restaurants and fast foods, the local gym, or family activities such as bowling or riding go-carts? These are the kinds of products and services the customer saves money on when they purchase discount cards, and they enjoy the savings for an entire year.

When people really need something or find it valuable, they are going to buy it. You can easily see why selling the cards is far easier than selling jerky, catalog items, candy bars, or other products people really don’t have a use for. One reason you can raise the money your organization needs in far less time is because customers snatch the cards up!

Profitability like you have never seen before. Think about the good old chocolate candy bars groups have been selling for ages; at a cost of about $2 per bar and profit margins of 50%, the organization earns $1 per bar. At that rate, you can understand why it could take months to raise even a small amount of money! With discount cards, the profits are up to more than 100% based on how many cards you buy and sell.

Thich is usually determined by whether your group is small or large. Even at 50%, you earn $5 per card; if you have a large group, profits can go well above $8 per card – and considering customers buy readily, the profits add up faster than you could imagine. Why not spend weeks raising the funds your organization needs, rather than months?

Preparation is a snap.

Unlike with other products and activities used to raise money, getting ready for a discount cards fundraiser is a snap. You may decide which local merchants you want to include on your wishlist. IF creating a DIY Fundraising cards, you then contact the merchants to discuss your fundraiser. Merchant’s participation, or have the company that will design and print the cards do this for you. Order the number of cards you need, then wait until they arrive; once they do, your group is ready to begin selling! Isn’t that far easier than any other method you have used to raise money in the past?

Customers love the discount and the profits are amazing. There is far less work involved, and members of your group will want to participate. They even look forward to it because it is so much easier. Football Discount cards really are a great solution for organizations looking to raise the funds they need in the quickest manner possible.