Fund Raising Cards Increase Profits and Participation

3-tag fundraising cardsWhy are fund raising cards such a good idea for school groups, churches, and other non-profit organizations in need of money for projects and activities? For one thing, the cards are hugely profitable; for another, participants often get tired of engaging in the “same old things” such as holding car washes and selling candy bars. Just like consumers are ready for something new and refreshing, participants are often ready for a change as well. An added perk is that with fundraiser cards, you don’t have to lug around catalogs or heavy boxes of candy – just tuck them away in a pocket or wallet, and you’re ready to go.

How many times has the 5th grade class in your school sold candy bars or cookie dough, and for how many years? Most likely, this is a tradition that has been continuing on for longer than you can remember. Students at school and the youth group at church are just like the rest of us; after a while, anything can get a bit boring and mundane. Fund raising cards add a fresh twist and allow those who participate to actually enjoy themselves and have a little “fun” again. Besides, it always helps motivate those who do the selling when they learn that selling the product they are offering is easy!

Now for the profit side of things, which is where your real concern probably is. Sure, all fund raiser products offer a certain level of profit, but how much is that profit? With fundraising cards, the selling is easy and the profits are considerable; the combination of these two factors makes it easier than ever before to raise the money you need for your project. With fundraiser cards, the more you purchase the higher your profit margins, which gives those who participate even more motivation to sell all they possibly can.

As an example, even when you purchase a small number of cards your profit margin is 50%, and when you purchase 5,000 or more fund raising cards, your profit margin soars to 106.25% which is incredible. Now, let’s say that you have 60 5th graders who will be participating in your fund raising event. On average, most people easily sell 10 cards, some individuals sell more. If each of your 60 5th graders were to sell only 10 cards each, that would be a total of 600 cards sold. With 600 cards, you enjoy a 70% profit margin, which means that your total profits would be $4,300! How many car washes, candy bars, or containers of cookie dough would you have to sell in order to raise that kind of money? Not to mention the drudgery of planning and the work involved.

Customers will buy fundraiser cards much more quickly than they would spend money on a candy bar or container of jerky, particularly in these tough economic times. For only $10, the customer enjoys savings at local merchants including restaurants, car maintenance services, hair salons, and other merchants for an entire year. The value that the customer receives is substantial, unlike spending money on a candy bar that will be gone in an instant, and most people are watching their pennies today.

You can easily see how fund raising cards increase profits and participation, but it is also clear that this is one product that customers love, and will spend money on. What are you waiting for? Get your group or organization involved with a product that really offers results (and nearly sells itself), and raise the funds you need in no time at all. When you are tired of the “same old same old,” try something new and exciting – you will be surprised at how great the results can be when your participants are excited about a fun new challenge.

Mark South

Easy Fundraising Cards

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