How Fundraiser Cards Make Your Project a Success with Far Less Work

Fundraiser cards are the ideal product for raising money for any project with far less work and planning than you may have experienced with other fundraising ideas. When you need to raise funds for a school athletic group, new playground equipment at the elementary school, or the church youth group summer trip, fundraiser cards are an easy way to accomplish your goals. Those of you who have been involved in planning a fundraiser before know that it canFundraising Cards for Schools be a real hassle getting everything organized, determining profit margins, etc. Make it easy on not only yourself, but everyone involved!

Okay, so now you want to know what’s so great about fundraiser cards, and why they are the best product today to raise the money you need. This is the easy part – they’re extremely profitable, customers love them, and many companies do most of the leg work upfront so you have very little planning to do! Since they are the size of a credit card, fundraiser cards are also easy for the little ones to tote around, unlike those bulky candy boxes and other products that are the usual fundraising items.

It’s also extremely easy to determine how much profit you can look forward to with fundraiser cards. Since they sell for $10 (which is within nearly anyone’s budget, even in a tough economy), you simply decide how many you need. If the entire 5th and 6th grade classes at the elementary school are going to be involved, a larger school may have 250 to 300 kids doing the selling. Suppose each student sells 10 cards, which means in total 2500 to 3000 fundraiser cards – the profits are incredible! When ordering 3000 cards, the price to you is just $1.50 per card, which means you have a profit margin of over 100%! The money you Low Price Guaranteewould make on these fundraiser cards if you sold 3000 is $31,500 – pure profit. Are you beginning to see the benefits here?

Another aspect of fundraiser cards that those organizing a fundraiser really like is that many companies do much of the work for you. They contact and secure the merchants, then design the cards for you. This is a far easier method to raise money for any project than most you have experienced before. No ordering and shipping, trying to keep product in the correct temperature so that it doesn’t melt, or going back around a second time to deliver the goods. Truthfully, there is no single product available today that offers easier fundraising than fundraiser cards!

Consumers are happy to support your project and don’t mind spending money on something that offers them real, honest value. Fundraiser cards generally offer savings and discounts at 12 to 15 local and national merchants, ranging from eating establishments and family activities to haircuts, flowers and automotive services. These are normal, everyday things that people spend money on regardless of whether there is a sale going on, so who wouldn’t love the savings? People realize that with the savings they will experience over the one year life of the card, they will more than make up for the $10 they originally spent.

Now can you understand why fundraiser cards are THE product of choice when it comes to raising money for a school, church, or non-profit organization project? If you want your next fundraising event to be one that is easy and highly profitable, the solution is crystal clear – fundraiser cards cannot be beat!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards