Are Fundraiser Cards Part of Your Fundraising Efforts? Why They Should Be

Churches, schools and other non-profit organizations often have to depend on their own creative ideas in order to raise the money needed for projects. If your group has never given fundraiser cards a try, your next project may be a good place to start. No matter what other products you sell or activities you participate in to raise money, you will find fundraiser cards are a top money maker – and easy to sell due to their incredible value to the customer.

Fundraising Card Sample BackAlthough they have been around for years, it’s really surprising how many organizations have yet to see what fundraiser cards are capable of. When you do, you will be amazed at the profitability and the true value to the customer – and selling a product that makes the customer feel good makes you feel good as well. Recently, times have been hard for most people due to the economy and loss of jobs. Fundraiser cards are the perfect item during times like these, because they allow people to save so much money on products and services they would have spent money on regardless, no matter what shape their finances are in.

What makes fundraiser cards so different from other products that are commonly used for raising funds? The customer receives discounts on a dozen or more merchants in their own local area; this could be for fast food, a hair cut, movie rental, oil change for the car, even flowers at the local florist. These discounts are good for a one year period, so you can only imagine how much the customer could save over that length of time – and the cards are only $10, just a drop in the bucket compared to the savings they will experience.

Now, what can you expect the perks to be for your group or organization? There are many, and you’ll love every one of them. To start, fundraiser cards are easy to sell because of the value we just discussed. They are easy to carry around with you, because they are the size of a credit card – so there are no boxes or cartons to lug around. Just put them in your pocket, purse or wallet, and you’re ready to offer a card wherever the opportunity presents itself.

The amazing profits are what really make fundraiser cards such a winner for any organization. Today, you just don’t find many products that allow you to make a substantial amount of money easily. To demonstrate how profitable these cards can be, lets suppose that you have 30 people who will be participating in your fundraiser. On average, one person will easily sell 10 or more fundraiser cards, which means that your group would sell approximately 300 cards. When 300 cards are ordered, your profit margin stands at 50%, which means you earn $5 per card or $1,500 for your cause!

Now, the more cards ordered, the higher the profit margin so if you were to order 1,000 cards which would be suitable if there were about 100 participants in your group, profit margins would increase to 100%! Your cost per card for this amount would be $2, but you receive 200 cards free for every 1,000 ordered, so your total profit would ring in at around $10,000 – is that incredible?

Merchants in your local area will benefit as well, as fundraiser cards help send new customers in their direction. When a customer buys a card, they are highly likely to visit a merchant they have never visited before if they will save money. This could mean new customers for the merchants in your area, which stimulates your local economy – super important in times like we are now experiencing. When you really think about it, fundraiser cards really benefit everyone all the way around; the customer gets to save money, the merchants attract new business, and your group or organization can easily and quickly raise a substantial amount of money.

Now can you understand why fundraiser cards should be included in your efforts to raise money? No matter what other activities you participate in or what products you sell, add fundraiser cards to the mix. You will never be disappointed with the results, and you will see that there really is a way to raise the money your group needs without the hard work and preparation.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards