Fundraiser Cards Are an Excellent Solution For Your Groups Fundraising Needs

At one time or another throughout the year, most groups or organizations need to raise money for a special cause. Fundraiser cards make the entire process easy from beginning to end! If you have participated in raising money for school or church groups or other organizations in the past, you know it can be a process filled with headaches. Fundraiser cards make it easy on the person who directs the event, as well as those selling the product. Customers love them because of the real value they offer at a minimal expense.

There are many different types of fundraiser cards. Some are good only on pizza, some for prepaid cell phones, and others offer discounts and specials from a wide variety of local and national merchants. People know a good deal when they see one, and who wouldn’t love paying only $10 for a fundraiser card that offers so many savings? These cards are good for one year, so depending on how often the customer uses the card they can save a substantial amount of money!

Small children and teenagers often feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they are able to be successful raising money for their cause. Fundraiser cards make this so easy, because they sell quickly unlike other common fundraiser products. If a customer doesn’t feel that a chocolate candy bar they will probably eat in one sitting is worth $2.00, they likely won’t buy it. Who wouldn’t see that value in fundraiser cards that offer savings for services and products most people use or buy on a regular basis? These cards sell so easily, those who do the selling will feel they have done their part in raising the funds needed for their cause.

Organizing a fundraiser can be a great deal of work. You write letters, try to get merchants to participate or offer a prize, round up support and attempt to find a product that will be easy for participants to sell. It can be very frustrating, and often requires much more time and effort than you imagined it would. Some companies that offer fundraiser cards take care of a great deal of the work for you, saving you a substantial amount of time and effort. They may contact your local merchants and gather great deals so that you don’t have to do it yourself!

Put yourself in the customers place, and imagine that someone was offering you cookie dough for $12, or a fundraiser card for $10 filled with savings and discounts on area merchants for an entire year. Which would you be attracted to most? It’s easy to see why fundraiser cards are preferred by many schools, churches, and athletic groups to raise the money they need. A product that is reasonably priced and offers exceptional value is always a winner.

Fundraiser cards offer great profit margins and the profits only grow when you order more cards! If you have a very large group, you can expect a profit margin of 100% or MORE. Even if your group is very small, profit margins are still great at 50%.

Think about it this way; to raise $8,000, would you rather have to sell 4,000 items at a $2.00 profit, or sell 1,000 fundraiser cards to make the same $8,000? The answer to that question is plain to see. Why not sell less of an item that is super easy to sell and offers great value to the customer, and make the money you need? Fundraiser cards are the perfect answer when you need to raise funds for your group or organization.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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