Fundraiser Cards are Ideal for Raising Money

Hairdressing-Academy-School-Fundraiser-CardsFundraiser cards have long been the perfect way to raise money for school organizations, church groups, sports teams and other charities, for many reasons. They’re more profitable than any other popular fundraising products you could think of – candy bars, jerky, candles, popcorn, cookie dough – you name it, and the profit margins simply aren’t as high as what you will enjoy with fundraiser cards. If yours is one of the few groups that has never tried this method of raising money, there are countless reasons why you should. Here are just a few of them for you to consider.

Super high profits. As we mentioned, fundraiser cards are extremely profitable when compared to other products. Considering most products only allow for about a 50% profit margin, these cards beat them all by a mile. In fact, large orders can mean profit margins of over and above 100%, because you get 200 cards free with every 1,000 ordered. Even at the lowest level (50%), you raise money much faster because your group gets $5 for every $10 card sold, versus making $1 or $1.50 profit on a candy bar. You can see how the money adds up in a hurry!

Great offers that customers really want. The economy isn’t in the best shape it’s ever been in, that’s for sure. People want to save money, so spending $2 on a candy bar or $12 for cookie dough is out of the question for many. Besides, customers would rather have something that lets them save money on things they buy regardless, such as food, hair cuts, car maintenance (oil changes, etc.). These are exactly the types of offers customers enjoy with fundraiser cards – discounts of 10%, 15%, even 25% on products and services most people spend money on every day. This means easy selling for your group, without putting on that “salesman” pressure.

Fewer worries and less work for your organization. With many fundraising methods, there is a ton of work and plenty of worry involved. Storage issues (bulky boxes or catalog orders), spoilage issues (candy bars and cookie dough don’t do so well in soaring, humid temperatures), catalog order issues (sending off customers’ orders, waiting for them to come in, then delivering the goods – only to cross your fingers that all of the orders were processed correctly). As far as the physical work goes, there is no cooking or baking involved, no putting price tags on the merchandise like you do in yard sales, no moving tables, chairs, and other items to the place of sale. Easy as can be! Just choose your merchants, order the cards, and sell. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Merchants are usually happy to participate in your fundraiser by offering a “special” for the fundraiser cards; after all, it’s free advertising and exposure, leading to potential new customers for the merchant. Your own neighborhood or community benefits, because the offers on the cards are targeted to local merchants rather than those that are national. When you can stimulate business in your own town, it’s a good thing economically speaking.

Now you can see why fundraiser cards are ideal for raising money, so why haven’t you given it a try yourself? It’s time to try something fresh and new, something that’s far easier and more profitable than all those other good-old tried and true methods you’ve come to depend on all these years.