Fundraiser Cards are the Best Way to Go

Project Graduation Fundraiser CardsFundraiser cards really are the best way to go for churches, schools, sports teams and other groups or organizations in need of funds. Many non-profit organizations rely on donations from individuals and businesses, but you can’t always know when and/or how much you will receive in donations. There are a lot of variables that can affect donations, including economic conditions and the success of the company or business donating money. However, with fundraiser cards raising money is a sure thing, as they’re easy to sell and customers love them.

Church groups often have needs that cannot always be supported by members of the church. Certain needs can be costly, such as a gym for the youth group, a van for trips to summer camp or to transport church members to and from church, etc. Unfortunately, there aren’t many easy ways to raise a substantial amount of money quickly short of donations. However, fundraiser cards are probably the quickest way to raise a large amount of money when compared to other popular fundraising products. Profit margins are extremely generous, and customers snatch them up because of the value they offer.

Sports teams have many needs, including money for new uniforms, funds to attend play-off or championship games, and more. School groups need funds on occasion. There are so many groups and organizations that essentially depend on others for their needs, which can be a little stressful – because you cannot be in control of how much others can donate. It’s nice to have a way to raise funds so that you’re always confident the money will be there when you need it. This is the confidence fundraiser cards provide.

Why and how do fundraiser cards make you feel more confident about raising money and having funds available when you need them?

Fundraiser cards can be promoted any time of the year, spring, summer, fall, or winter. Customers are always happy to buy, because they get such a bargain considering the money they will save over the coming year with the deals offered on the cards. Card bearers enjoy 10% to 25% on food, oil changes, family activities, a membership at the local gym, hair care – the neat thing is, your group can provide a wishlist merchants you want to participate. This doesn’t necessarily mean every merchant of your choosing will participate, but most do because it’s more exposure for their business.

Why promote products with low profit margins? You certainly don’t have to! Fundraiser cards offer huge profit margins, and the more your group or organization can sell, the bigger profit margins you enjoy. It’s not out of the question to raise tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you have a larger group that will be participating. For instance, a group of about 200 people (which could be the entire 5th grade class) could easily sell 2,000 cards, which equates to a whopping $20,500 in profits!

It’s evident this is the best way to go when you want a method you can be sure of to build substantial funds. Compared to other methods used to raise funds, there is far less work involved, and no issues such as storage or spoilage as you may find with cookie dough or candy bars. No orders to take, no product to go out and distribute when the orders come in. Whatever your group’s needs, count on fundraiser cards!

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