Fundraiser Cards Make for Successful Fundraising

Whether you have a sports team, school or church group or other non-profit organization in need of money, fundraiser cards are the one way that you can raise the funds you need quickly and with much less effort than other methods you may have tried. While they have been around for years, fundraiser cards continue to be the number one product for generating the profits you need for your project.

Sure, other products have been around for years as well. While candy bars, cookie dough, jerky, popcorn, catalog sales and other products do work to raise the funds you need, fundraiser cards beat them hands down, especially when the economy isn’t in the greatest shape. In times like this, people tend to be a bit tighter with their money, and don’t want to let go of it unless they feel they are getting an incredible deal, which is exactly what they get with fundraiser cards.

Let’s suppose that your second grade elementary class needs to raise $7,000 for their part in building a new library. How many candy bars are you going to have to sell to raise this kind of cash? Way more than you even want to think about, and candy bars generally don’t sell that well in times of job loss, high unemployment rates and cut backs. How many fundraiser cards would your second grade class have to sell to raise the same $7,000? Around 1,000, which would be much easier than having to sell 5,000 candy bars.

Why should you choose fundraiser cards for your project? There are literally dozens of reasons, and first off is the profitability. It makes sense to choose a product that requires far less sales to equal the same or greater profits of selling 3 times as many of another product! Add to that the fact that customers love something that offers real value, and they know it when they see it. The selling is the easy part when customers realize that by spending $10, they save far more than that amount at merchants in their own neighborhood over the next year.

What do fundraiser cards offer that make them so popular? Discounts and buy one get one free offers on food, family activities like bowling, hair cuts, flowers, fitness, oil changes and more. The offers you find on fundraiser cards are those things that the average person spends money on throughout the year, so they are super easy to sell. An added plus is that consumers are smart, and they know that supporting their local merchants helps improve the economy in their area.

One big reason that many churches, schools and other organizations choose these cards is that there is so little work involved. When you choose a company to design and print the cards for you, they may contact the merchants in your area to secure their participation, meaning you don’t have to do it yourself! With fundraising cards, you simply place the order, hand the cards out to those participating, and reap exceptional profits. Doesn’t that sound better than spending hours in the kitchen baking cookies and other goodies, then spending all day in the hot sun trying to sell them for a measly $200 or $300 in profits?

Very little preparation or planning, easy sales and incredible profits are just a few of the benefits of using fundraiser cards to raise the money you need. If you want to see explosive results for your efforts, try fundraiser cards and see what you think – you won’t be disappointed!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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