Fundraiser Cards – The Ultimate Way to Raise Funds for Your Project

Fundraiser cards are without a doubt the VERY best way to raise money for any church, school, sports team or other fundraising thermometernon-profit organization needs. Those who have been involved in fundraising many times know that there are literally hundreds of methods you can use to raise the funds you need, but how much work is involved – and is it profitable? It makes no sense to work yourself to the bones to only see fair results at best. Fundraiser cards solve this problem; you can raise all of the cash you need quickly, without all of the back-breaking work and planning.

It isn’t all that hard to raise hundreds of dollars, but when it comes to thousands you need something that really rakes in the profits quickly. Fundraiser cards are super profitable; in fact, they are most likely the most profitable product you will come across when looking for ways to raise the money you need. Today, the economy is not in good shape and most people don’t have extra money to spend. When they do spend money, they want something that offers real value.

Fundraiser cards offer great discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers on products and services that most people use frequently, such as fast food, haircuts, family activities and oil changes. For a mere $10, the customer can save on Fundraiser cardthese things for the next year – and who wouldn’t rather save a bundle than pay $2 for a candy bar that will be gone in 10 minutes? The common fundraising items that have been popular for years are great, but they may not be the most profitable and there is more work involved.

The great thing about fundraiser cards is that they practically sell themselves; offer them to your friends, family members, co-workers and other acquaintances every where you go, and since they are just the size of a credit cards they’re easy to carry around with you at all times. In fact, when your customer uses their card at a local merchant, who knows what may happen? The girl checking you out may decide she wants one for herself, and you’ve made an easy sale!

using a fundraiser cardJust how profitable are these handy little cards? Even if you have a small group participating, say 20 kids at church, you can expect to raise over $1,000, depending on how many cards each person sells. On average, most people can easily sell 10 to 15 cards apiece; think what your profit margins will be if you have a group of 50 or 60 joining in the fun! You could easily raise $3,500 to $7,000 – and think how far that would go toward your goal.

It’s important today that people support their own local community, and the merchants in that community so that the economy remains stable. Fundraiser cards help you accomplish this; not only do customers realize they are helping you meet your goal, they know that the money is staying within their own neighborhood.

Fundraiser cards are a top fundraising product today not only because of the profit margins, but because there is very little work or planning involved. The company you purchase them from will secure the participation of local merchants, print the cards up for you, and even place your group or organization name or logo on the front. Once you receive them, all you need to do is account for how many you hand out to each participant! What could be easier or offer more value to people in your local community? Count on fundraiser cards when you want superior results and SUPER profits quick.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards