Why Fundraiser Cards are the Smart Way to Raise Money

High-School-Marching-Band-Fundraising-CardsFundraiser cards have been around for what seems like forever, and they’re still popular and effective today. Essentially, this is the ‘smart’ way to raise funds for your group or organization, whether the church youth group, school band, the local PTA or other non-profit charity. Great for sports teams as well, fundraiser cards are highly profitable, easy to sell, and require very little work and planning when compared to other fundraising products and activities that have been used for years. If you’re not really familiar with them, keep reading to learn more about their ease, and why you may want to consider doing something different next time you need to raise money.

The profits are huge – literally. When you think about candy bars, it’s hard to think about profits in terms of tens of thousands of dollars; after all, at about $1 or so profit per bar, it would take forever to raise that kind of money. With fundraiser cards, the profits increase according to the number of cards you order and sell. For example, if you have a small group of only 20 or so people, you will probably want to order about 250 cards (most people can sell at least 10), so that profit margin would be 50%, or $5 per card. Even at this, your total profit is $1,250, not too shabby for a small group considering you can accomplish this in just a couple of weeks!

Now, imagine if you have a group of 100, and you order 1,000 fundraiser cards (you get 200 free with every 1,000 ordered). At this level, your profit margin is 100%, so if you sell all 1,200 cards your organization will enjoy profits of $10,000! Realistically, there just aren’t that many ways that most groups can raise this kind of money without intense work – and it would probably take months to accomplish.

It’s ‘smart’ to offer a product customers actually want, and will easily buy. Let’s face it; candy bars, cookie dough, and jerky are not what most people would consider something they just “have to have.” While they’re great products, they simply aren’t necessities – and when consumers are in saving mode and trying to keep their budgets in line, the last thing they’re going to buy are these non-essential goodies. With fundraiser cards, the customer saves money on goods and services within the local community at a dozen or more merchants. Restaurants, fast foods, the local fitness center, car maintenance, hair cuts and colors – these are examples of the types of savings the customer enjoys, and they’re things most people spend money on regularly, regardless of their financial situation.

These are the two primary reasons you should consider fundraiser cards, although there are many more. One thing you may find exciting is that there isn’t a ton of preparation or work involved, unlike with many other methods of raising money. Simply secure merchant participation, consult with the card company to have your cards designed, place your order, and wait for them to arrive. Once they do, you’re ready to begin selling! Because there are no cardboard boxes involved, order forms, or other cumbersome baggage to get in your way, you can take them along everywhere you go, so you’re always ready to make a sale.

When you’re looking for a ‘smart’ way to raise money for your non-profit group or organization, High School Band Fundraiser Cards to the rescue!