Fundraiser Discount Cards are a Profitable Approach to Fundraising

fundraiser discount cardsHas your school, church, athletic team or other group or organization ever considered fundraiser discount cards when you need to raise funds? Most non-profits rely on donations from businesses and individuals to meet their financial needs. However, considering economic conditions today there are many who simply cannot afford to donate – which means your group is left to come up with some ideas on how to raise money. Sure, there are hundreds of ways to accomplish your goals, but many of them aren’t easy, or even that profitable. Fundraiser discount cards are both easy AND profitable!

Sometimes those who are in charge of fundraising simply get tired of doing all of the work year after year; and to be honest, when you do the same old thing each time it can get mundane and monotonous. How many times can you hold a giant multi-family yard sale, or depend on a pancake breakfast to bring funds in? When you want something that is easy and requires very little planning or work from anyone who participates, fundraiser discount cards are the solution. The only preparation you have to do is to determine how many cards you need, and to contact merchants in your local area if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise, the company who prints and designs the cards for you will secure merchant participation.

Schools, churches and sports teams have relied on fundraiser discount cards for years when they need to raise money. The fact that they’re still so popular today speaks highly to the success that groups and organizations can enjoy with the cards. One added benefit you may not have thought of: it’s a healthy way to raise the funds your group needs, much healthier than candy bars or cookie dough.

Considering the obesity problem in the United States today, some groups decide to approach fundraising in a healthy way. For instance, you may choose to include merchants who offer healthy choices on their menus, health club memberships, even special deals at a local health food store. You really can be in control of the special deals and savings offered on the cards your group promotes! Leave the burger and shake joints off, and choose those merchants you believe would be a healthier choice for customers who buy your cards.

You will find that with fundraiser discount cards, those in your group will not have to become those “pushy sales people” we all find irritating. Because they provide great deals to the bearer of the card, they nearly sell themselves. There’s not a person on the planet who doesn’t like to save money, from those who are financially well off to those who live week to week, paycheck to paycheck. Anyone can afford to spend $10 for a card that can potentially help them save 10 times that much or more over the course of one year! Offers typically include 10% to 25% off deals and buy-one-get-one-free offers on not only restaurants and fast foods, but gym memberships, car maintenance services, family activities and services at hair salons.

Are you ready for a fresh, profitable approach to fundraising? With fundraiser discount cards, your group can enjoy profit margins that go above 100% depending on the number of cards you order. Try something new and refreshing today, and find out just how much fun it can actually be to raise the money your organization needs.