Fundraiser Discount Cards Make Every Fundraiser a Winner

Fundraiser discount cards are an exceptional choice when you need to raise money for a church or school group, or any non-profit organization. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince an individual or business to donate to your cause, especially in light of the economic conditions recently. When you want to raise funds the easiest way possible, fundraiser discount cards are always a winner – and once you try them for your group, you will realize that nothing else you do is quite as effective.

Bake saleThere are all kinds of creative ways you can raise the amount of money you need; marathons, auctions, bake sales, a school play, car washes – the list goes on and on. The great thing about fundraiser discount cards is that they are super effective whether used on their own or combined with any other product you sell or activity you participate in. The profit margins are outstanding, and the product offers real value to the customer, which is something you don’t see that much of today. It is because of this value that fundraiser discount cards are so easy to sell, meaning more money for your cause.

What makes these cards such a fantastic deal for those who purchase them? There are usually 12 to Fundraising Card Back15 offers on the back of the fundraiser discount cards, which are similar in size and appearance to a credit card. These are discounts and buy-one-get-one-free offers that are good at merchants in the customers own local community. For a one year time period after purchase, the customer will save on goods and services they normally spend money on, such as food, car maintenance, family activities and even hair cuts.

Given the state of the current economy, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t love to spend $10 for a card and get ten times or more that amount in savings. Penny pinching has become a necessity due to recent job losses and lay-offs, and fundraiser discount cards help those who are financially strapped save money on those things that they need, many of which are necessities.

Fundraising Card FrontSo, now that you understand why these cards sell so easy, you may be wondering what’s in it for you – incredible profits! If your group is school or church related, no doubt you’ve been through the drill many times with candy bars, cookie dough or jerky. Just how profitable are these items, and would they be as easy to sell now that people are saving their money? Not likely – but fundraiser discount cards WILL sell because of the reasons we mentioned above.

Let’s do a little exercise here; say that you make $1 for each candy bar you sell. Naturally, you know that if you need to raise $3,500 your group would have to sell 3,500 candy bars. That’s a lot of candy bars, and a tough goal to reach these days. Now, how many fundraiser discount cards would your group need to sell to reach that same goal? Only 500, which is a much easier goal to obtain considering each participant usually sells at least 10 cards. Why would anyone work harder than they have to, when you can raise the funds you need much easier – offering a product people really need and appreciate to boot?

Now you can see why we say that fundraiser discount cards make every fundraiser a winner – great product, great savings for the customer, and super profitable for you, without all of the involved planning and preparation that can stress you to the limits before you even get started.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards