Fundraiser Discount Cards Make it Possible to Raise Funds in a Snap!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to raise the money you need for your school, church or non-profit organization in a snap? Fundraiser discount cards are the one product that allow you to raise funds faster than ever before. Why is that? They are easy to sell and offer extremely high profit margins, which means you make more money quicker selling less product. It’s simply amazing that still today, many organizations have not figured out that fundraiser discount cards are the only way to go when it comes to raising money.

You may be curious as to why they are so easy to sell. That’s an easy one! Fundraiser discount cards offer discounts and savings at a dozen or more local merchants in your area, which means the customer pays $10 for the card and potentially saves ten times that amount (or more) over the next year. The customer knows that for their money, they are getting substantial savings, supporting your cause, and supporting the merchants in their own community. How could a customer possibly get more value from a product they buy? It just isn’t possible.

With most fundraising items, you can expect profit margins of 50 or 60%. What if you could experience profit margins of up to 100% and even greater? This is what you get with fundraiser discount cards, which is another reason for their growing popularity with schools, churches and other organizations. Think about this for a moment; suppose you have 50 people involved in your fundraising efforts, each selling 10 cards. When you order 500, your profit margin is 70%, which means you make $7 on every card you sell! Order 1000 fundraiser discount cards, and your profit margin is 100%, meaning that if you sold all 1000 your group makes $10,000. How many candy bars would it take to raise that amount of money? Probably many more than you even want to think about.

It’s understandable that when you want to raise money for the church youth group, a school organization or for new playground equipment at the grade school, you want to build the funds as quickly as possible. This is why adding fundraiser discount cards to your existing money-raising activities is great! Maybe your group is already selling cookbooks, holding car washes every weekend, or even offering yard maintenance services. Whatever it is you’re currently doing, add this to the mix and see how fast you can meet your goal – the results are truly incredible.

What types of merchants will you find on fundraiser discount cards? Nearly any in your area that are willing to participate, and many will because it attracts new customers to their business. Restaurants, bowling alleys, hair salons, auto maintenance services, flower shops – the list goes on and on. Often, the company you order the cards from will do all of the groundwork for you by securing the merchants participation, so this helps lessen some of the work in the planning stages as well.

Are you beginning to see the attraction of fundraiser discount cards? Once you try this route, you will understand why they are fast becoming the fundraising product of choice. This is one item that the consumer actually doesn’t mind spending money on, because it provides such great value and support for the local community. Easy sales, even easier profits!

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards

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