Fundraiser Discount Cards Offer All of The Profits Without All the Work

Football Fundraising CardsSure, fundraiser discount cards have been around for many years – but if you haven’t given them a try when your group or organization needs to raise money, you have no idea how well they work. Think of the usual methods people have been using for decades to raise funds: car washes, bake sales, candy bar/cookie dough sales, jerky, candles, popcorn, even catalog sales, to name a few. Most require substantial planning and work, and with some the profits just aren’t what you would like them to be. With fundraiser discount cards, you will be surprised and just how quickly – and easily – you can raise the money you need for your church group or other non-profit organization.

Selling candy bars and cookie dough really isn’t that tough, but you have to take other factors into consideration. For instance, both have to be kept cool during hot summer months, so leaving them in the back seat or trunk of your car isn’t an option – which means you have to store them somewhere. In addition, those cumbersome boxes aren’t the easiest in the world for the little tots to lug around. Fundraiser discount cards are easy to carry, because they’re the size of a regular credit card. No storage worries, either. Just have those who are participating take the cards with them wherever they go, so that when the opportunity presents itself, they have the cards available on the spot.

Now think about catalog sales, and the work involved; in fact, double the work if you really think about it. Most fundraiser catalogs offer home decor accents and accessories, picture frames, candles and the like. Your potential customer has to thumb through the catalog (which takes time), decide what items they want, then place the order. After you’ve collected all of the orders, you place the order with the manufacturer, who then ships the items to your group. At that point, it’s time to make the rounds a second time, delivering the goods. If any mistakes have been made and you don’t receive the exact items you ordered, it’s another hassle you have to contend with. With fundraiser discount cards, you have none of these worries and the product is easier to sell than most other items. Why?

In today’s economic climate, many people don’t have extra money laying around to blow on candy or an item out of a catalog they don’t really need. Fundraiser discount cards help people save money on products and services they would buy anyway, which is exactly what people are looking for when times are tough. For the small price of $10, the customer gets to enjoy savings and buy-one-get-one-free offers for an entire year at merchants in their local area. Ultimately, the customer can spend $10 to save $100 – who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Even if you decide to keep doing the multi-family yard sales on the church parking lot or bake sales simply for the enjoyment of the fellowship, why not add fundraiser discount cards into the mix? No matter what activities you engage in to raise money, you can always offer the cards on the side, which increases your profit potential. One thing that never changes, that has remained true in the past and will still be true in the future: people love to save money, and that’s exactly what fundraiser discount cards allow them to do.

Whether your group is getting weary of all of the work involved to raise money or you simply want to throw something fun and profitable into the mix, consider fundraiser discount cards. On their own or combined with other products or activities, they’re super profitable, easy to sell and promote a healthy economy.

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