Fundraiser Discount Cards – The Perfect Money-Making Solution for Schools, Churches and Non-Profit Organizations

No other item sells quite as easily or increases your profit potential like fundraiser discount cards. Church groups, schools, sports teams and other organizations are constantly looking for new, innovative ideas when it comes to silent auctionraising money for their needs. The common methods of gathering the funds you need include auctions, candy bars, cookie dough, bake sales, car washes – you know the drill. If you’re looking for something fresh and new that offers a real bargain to your customer, nothing beats fundraiser discount cards.

Naturally, you don’t want to do away completely with all of those tried and true methods of raising funds, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet your goals quickly, without so much preparation and planning? Fundraiser discount cards make it so much easier, you’ll find it hard to believe that collecting the money you need for your project could be so simple. People are pinching pennies today, so when you have something to offer it had better be good! Customers want something of value that either improves their lives in some way or saves them money. Fundraiser discount cards are ideal; your customers can save an incredible amount of money, perhaps even hundreds of dollars, over the course of one year – for a measly $10! Now who isn’t going to go for that, especially when the customer realizes that they are supporting your organization, the community as whole AND getting incredible savings and discounts on things they spend money on every day.

There are several aspects of fundraising that should be considered before you make a final decision on how you will go about raising the money you need for your project. For example, how many people will be participating and what are their ages? How much work will be involved as far as planning and physical labor? Does the product offer real value that the customer will be willing to pay for? There is more to raising the funds you need than simply picking a product or activity out of thin air – you want your efforts to be as profitable as possible, and the least amount of work the better. This is why you definitely need to consider the benefits of fundraiser discount cards!

Whether you have a group of 100 grade school Church Membersstudents, 30 church members or an entire baseball team participating, the profit margins are outstanding. In fact, you can reach your goal much quicker when you choose fundraiser discount cards, simply because the profits are so much greater than what you find with most other products. If you need to raise $2,000 or $20,000, it’s easy to accomplish by either using the cards on their own, or combining them with other products or activities to raise money. For example, if your entire fourth grade class is participating in a play to raise funds for new playground equipment, you can add these popular cards and increase your profits by a huge margin! Order 1,000 cards (about what 100 children would be able to sell,) and your profit margin is 100% – and you earn $10,000 for your project.

If you’re looking for a quick way to raise funds that involves very little effort or planning on your part, this is the way to go. The company you purchase the fundraiser discount cards from will do most of the work, from securing the Card frontparticipation of your local merchants to designing the cards and placing your organization name or logo right on the front. Once you receive your order, just assign them to those people who will be participating, and you’re ready to get started earning an incredible amount of money! In many cases, you don’t even have to pay any money upfront for the cards, which makes it even easier.

The earning potential here is HUGE, and limited only by how many cards you can sell or how hard your group is willing to work. On their own or combined with other methods, fundraiser discount cards are simply the best product you can choose when you are in a hurry to raise a substantial amount of money. If you could make things much easier on yourself and the others involved while at the same time increasing your profits exponentially, why wouldn’t you?

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards