How Fundraising Discount Cards Work to Help You Raise Money Quickly

living under a rockUnless you’ve been living under a rock for a decade, there’s hardly a doubt that you have heard of fundraising discount cards. It’s truly amazing that so many churches, schools and other organizations continue to go about raising money the hard way when fundraising discount cards make it so easy! There is far less work and effort involved, the product sells incredibly well, and your profits go through the roof. If you haven’t tried this method of raising money yet, you definitely need to give it a whirl and see what you think – you will NOT be disappointed.

You probably don’t know many people who couldn’t stand to save money on things they purchase every day such as fast foods, movie rentals, hair cuts and family activities.  Fundraising discount cards allow the purchaser to do just that, and they save far more than the piddly $10 the cards cost! There aren’t many people, even those on a tight budget, that wouldn’t be willing to spend $10 in order to save substantially more than that over a year time period. The really great thing about these cards is that they support not only your project, but the entire community; in effect, you are helping improve the economic conditions a bit in your own backyard.

If you are one of those people who has been hiding under a rock for a while you may wonder exactly how fundraising discount cards work. It is a card that any non-profit group can sell to raise funds, and it will save the purchaser money in several different ways. Those who purchase a card can use it to get a discount at a local restaurant, eating at restaurantor get a few dollars off of a haircut at a local salon. Other offers include things like a free soft drink when you purchase a meal, a buy one get one free movie rental offer, or a discount on an oil change. The offers available on the fundraising discount cards vary depending on where you live, local merchants in your community, and whether those merchants choose to participate. Most do, simply due to the fact that it helps attract new business and increase visits of regular customers.

Fundraising discount cards often have a very impressive and appealing look as well; your organization name or logo will be placed on the front of the card, which is the size of a credit card. When those who purchase the cards use them, it isn’t out of the ordinary for someone to see the card and ask about purchasing one of their own, which means more profits for your group!

Fundraising Discount Cards BackHow long would it take you to raise $5,000 or $10,000 using ordinary fundraising methods – a month, six months, even a year? Fundraising discount cards are highly profitable; the more you can sell, the higher your profit margins will be. Even if you have a group of 20 or 25 people who can sell as few as 500 cards, your profit soars to $3,500! You have to admit, it would take a whole lot of baked goods and car washes to raise that kind of money in a short period of time. With these cards, you can realistically expect to raise thousands of dollars in just a week or two if your group puts forth the effort to achieve their goals.

If you’ve long heard of fundraising discount cards but just have never gotten around to seeing what they are capable of, why not give them a try now? You’ll be absolutely amazed – and possibly disappointed that you didn’t get involved in the number one way to raise money sooner.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards