Why Fundraising Discount Cards Should Be Included in Every Effort Made to Raise Funds

If you haven’t made use of fundraising discount cards in your efforts to raise money for your project or cause, it’s time to start. Why? There are many reasons, one of the most important being because of their extreme profitability. Whether you are a Sample Fundraising Discount Card backchurch, school or other non-profit organization, you’re working way to hard if fundraising discount cards aren’t part of the mix! You don’t have to do away with the other activities or products you normally use to raise funds, but sometimes adding something new to your arsenal of methods to raise money can be a change for the better.

Okay, so what’s so outstanding about fundraising discount cards that we have to rave on about them? A better question would be what’s not to like. In a time of great economic stress, most people would love to purchase a product knowing that it would save them a substantial amount of their hard-earned money over the span of one year.

Here’s a little scenario to play out in your mind: You have been hit hard by the economic conditions; your hours have been reduced, and you can barely afford to pay your bills. Someone comes to the door selling candy bars at $2 a pop, and at the same time someone from another organization appears selling a $10 card that offers savings on all kinds of services Girls selling candyand goods for an entire year. Which would you choose, considering your financial situation?  Fundraising discount cards just make sense, and the value offered means that many more customers are likely to buy.

A great product that provides value and money-savings to the customer; that in itself is enough reason to sell the product, but that’s not the only reason you should learn more about fundraising discount cards. We mentioned earlier about the incredible profits, but you won’t believe just how profitable these handy little cards are! Instead of raising hundreds of dollars for your church, school or organization, you are potentially looking at thousands of dollars. For instance, let’s say that your school group consists of 60 children or teens who plan to participate in your fundraiser. On average, one person will sell 10 cards – and that’s being conservative. Your group sells 600 cards, which puts you at a 70% profit margin and you have just made $4,200 by simply selling fundraising discount cards.

Think of how much you could collect for your cause when combining these amazing little cards with the other activities or methods you use to raise funds! You can only imagine the profit levels you would reach if your group is fairly large. In fact, with a group of about 100 participants you’re looking at a 100% profit margin – and that’s huge when you’re trying to raise money for a costly or extravagant project. It should be becoming clear to you now why fundraising discount cards are one of the most popular methods of raising money today, and why they have been for years.

One final reason you should consider these popular little wallet sized cards? There’s hardly any preparation or work involved, which means that you spend less time planning and more time selling. The merchant takes care of contacting local businesses in your area to secure their participation, then prints up the cards to your specifications and ships them off to you – it’s that simple. Try fundraising discount cards for yourself, and you’ll understand why they are a must-have for many groups and organizations today that need to raise funds for various causes.

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards