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Fundraiser Discount CardsWhat do you think of when you think of fundraisers? Maybe you think of Girl Scout cookies, or bake sales, or candy bar sales, or magazine sales. All of these fundraising ideas are certainly worthy as a way to make money for your next fundraising event, but they have their difficulties, too. What if you could find a fundraising method that cost you very little time and effort, and was very inexpensive, to boot? This fundraising method does exist, through something called fundraiser discount cards. In fact, these discount cards are much easier to manage than other fundraising methods, and they generally require less (or no) upfront cost, as well. Take a look at the advantages:

No storage difficulties

Probably the biggest concern with fundraising methods like those offered by bake sales and candy bar sales are that you have to find a place to store the goods in such a way that they won’t go bad before you can sell them. (And then, of course, there’s the difficulty of having such tempting goods right there, such that you must also avoid eating them before you can sell them!)

Fundraiser discount cards can be stored in any space, and they don’t require temperature control. They are also small, so they don’t require a lot of space, unlike some fundraising products, like magazines.

Easy to manage

Unlike other fundraising methods, you don’t have to do a lot to manage fundraiser discount cards. You simply call a company that specializes in making these discount cards, and ask them to print up an order for you. The company in question will usually even contact the companies or merchants whose discounts you want to include on the cards, meaning that you put forth almost no effort at all. You simply place your order for the cards and have them shipped to you, so you can see how easy the process is.

Infinitely customizable

One-size-fits-all fundraising mediums like magazines or cookies are certainly enjoyed by the people who buy them, but imagine what it would be like to have people in your community buying these discount cards that are targeted to the merchants in your community. That’s exactly what happens. Because these discount cards are customized based on the merchants who offer discounts to their goods and services, you can target these discount cards to your community, with infinite customization possible.

Gives back to your community and the merchants in it

Other fundraising methods are certainly good, in that products like magazines or cookies provide you a means to make money, but fundraiser discount cards go even further. Because they’re targeted to the merchants (and consumers) in your community, those merchants get business because of the discount cards. This encourages business in your community, in effect fostering your local economy in addition to providing you funds for your particular cause.

Easy to sell

Who wouldn’t want to get a discount to a local establishment that he or she already patronizes? Fundraiser discount cards sell like hotcakes, because the money buyers spend on them is easily recouped by the savings of the discounts themselves.

Good for local business owners

The company that offers the fundraiser discount cards’ service will do most of the communication with the business owners whose discounts are going to appear on the cards anyway, but they have a very easy job indeed. Most business owners will be very amenable to having their discounts appear on the cards. It’s inexpensive advertisement for them, which brings them new customers and greater success.

Why not consider helping everyone in your community the next time you need to raise money, in addition to raising funds for your cause? Fundraiser discount cards are certainly good for your cause, but they’re good for everyone else involved in them – from business owner to customer – as well.

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