Fundraising Discount Cards Offer More Than Incredible Profits

While it’s true that fundraising discount cards offer incredible profits, that isn’t the only reason you should give them a try for your organization’s money needs. The truth is, it is a very satisfying feeling when you offer a product that really benefits the customer. Unlike candy bars and other popular items that really offer little value to people who may already be short on funds, fundraising discount cards actually help them save money. Put simply, the customer gets an amazing return on the $10 they spend.

Another benefit of the cards is that they actually help stimulate and support your local economy. Given the instability of the economy in recent years, it’s always a good idea to keep the money spent in your own local community when possible. Fundraising discount cards offer deals at local merchants, so your customers get great discounts but the merchants gain more business – and possibly new customers.

Business graph with money and arrowNow that you know there are more reasons than one to use fundraising discount cards when your church or organization needs additional funds, you may wonder how profitable the cards really are. Compared to other common products used for fundraising, the profit margins are truly amazing. Here’s a quick example:

Suppose you order a small number of cards, maybe 250. As with most products, the more you order the higher the profit margins; even with as few as 250 cards you earn $5 for every $10 card those participating in the fundraiser sell. This means that your organization gets $1,250 – which is no small change!

Now, imagine how much money your organization could raise if you were to order 1,000 fundraising discount cards at 100% profit due to the fact that for every 1,000 cards ordered, you get 200 at no cost. So if you keep $8 for every $10 card sold and you sell 1200 cards meaning your group has earned an incredible $9,600!

One reason (and there are several) that many churches and non-profit organizations love fundraising discount cards is because they are so easy to sell. Considering that customers can save at a dozen or more local and national merchants for a one year time period after the initial purchase of the card, it’s easy to see why they sell quickly. Who wouldn’t want to save on services and goods for the small price of $10? Savings on eating out, hair cuts, move rentals, family activities, oil changes and other services make it a great deal for the customer.

Some of the merchants you may see offered on fundraising discount cards include Dairy Queen, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube and more. Of course, offers that are listed on the cards vary and depend on which merchants are available in your area. Which brings us to another point. When you choose these cards, the company you order them from will typically contact the merchants for you to secure their participation. This makes it easy!

You can now see that there are more reasons than money to choose fundraising discount cards for your next fundraiser. Selling a product that actually helps people in a time of need really feels good. Why choose other products that do little for the customer and offer profit margins far lower when you can have it all? These cards allow you to help others while helping your own organization – and what could be better than that?

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards