Fundraising Discount Cards – The Perfect Fundraiser

Why should you believe that fundraising discount cards make for the perfect fundraiser? There are many reasons, the top two being that they are highly profitable and easy to sell. Today, the nation is jumping on the “healthy” bandwagon, which means that fundraising discount cards are a better option than some of the popular items in the past like candy bars and cookie dough. More kids are obese than ever before in history, and selling those faithful oldchildhood obesity products could send out the wrong message – one that says your school is more focused on making money than on the health of the kids.

Of course fundraising discount cards aren’t only for schools; churches and other non-profit organizations can easily raise the money for any project without all of the hassles of other fundraising methods. Think about some of the activities and products your group has tried before; candy bars melt when it’s hot outside, and cookie dough doesn’t fare well in hot weather either. Even catalog sales are a lot of work, once you consider the time spent going back out to deliver the orders. With fundraising discount cards, you simply distribute the cards to those participating, make the sale, take the customers money and the product is delivered on the spot. What could be easier than that?

High-School-Volleyball-Fundraising-CardsSome fundraising products are designed for use with specific groups of people, but fundraising discount cards work for any group whether it’s the band, cheerleaders, Jaycees, PTA, church youth group, or a sports team. When you are looking for a way to raise money that requires almost no work or hassle and results in incredible profits for your group, this is the best way to go.

What makes fundraising discount cards so easy to sell? In today’s economy, everyone wants to save money and these cards offer discounts at a variety of merchants in the customers own community. Some of the deals and bargains you will find on the cards are for an oil change, haircut, the local pizza parlor or even for eyeglasses or the health club. There is literally no limit to what kinds of deals can be placed on these cards, depending on which merchants want to participate. Which brings up another point.

When you decide to use fundraising discount cards, the company you purchase from will often do the work of contacting the local merchants for you so thatFundraising Card back you don’t have to. Most merchants are willing to participate because they know it’s good for the community, and it also helps them attract new business. Are you beginning to see why we brag so much about the power of these cards for fundraising? There’s really no other product or activity that compares when it comes to an easy sell, minimal preparation, incredible profits and real value to the customer.

So, what do you think the customer would rather have – a $2 candy bar that will be gone in a flash, or a $10 card that will save them that amount many times over for the course of a year? The customer may be spending $8 bucks more on the initial purchase, but considering they can save hundreds over the lifetime of the card is quite impressive. Now you see why fundraising discount cards are the perfect choice for raising money for any cause; think about this the next time your group needs money! When something makes so much sense and is so easy and profitable, why do anything else?

Mark South
Easy Fundraising Cards