fundraising discount cards can save the day, as they’re super profitable, practically sell themselves due to the perceived need and value of the customer, and require very little work on your group’s behalf. Simply order the cards and begin selling when they arrive – which brings us to another point. You can sell these cards anywhere and everywhere because of their easy portability. Just tuck a few away in your wallet, purse or pocket and you’re ready to roll.

Let the selling begin! With discount cards fundraising, the selling is the easy part, as customers are usually eager to save money on those things they purchase regularly. For just $10, the customer enjoys a card that lets him or her save at restaurants, the local gym or hair salon, family activities, and more for a whole year. Customers today want value; the selling is easy, and your profits grow quickly – in fact, you can raise the amount of money you need in far less time than with other methods.

If you have been involved in fundraising for a substantial amount of time, you know that there are times it can really be a hassle; more work than you bargained for, profits aren’t so great, those in your group get tired of trying to sell something that customers don’t really need or want, etc., etc., etc. With fundraising discount cards, all of the hassles are removed and the profits are outstanding – plus, your group or organization gets to offer a product that customers really can use, and find valuable. It’s far more enjoyable for those involved not to have to feel like they’re “pushing” a product on people that they don’t really want.

Your group can raise the funds you need with hardly any preparation and far less work. With fundraiser cards, the only thing you need are the cards – no boxes to lug around, no catalogs and order forms to keep up with. Because they’re so easy to take along anywhere you go, they’re always available should an opportunity to make a sale present itself. Whether you’re at work, school, at a sporting event or movie, eating out, shopping, even at the gas station, when you run into someone you know you’ve got the cards with you

Fundraising cards have been relied on for decades by college groups like sororities, fraternities, Sports teams and clubs or organizations who need to raise money for a special project or other needs – and there are plenty of reasons for their popularity!

Fundraising cards nearly sell themselves, meaning little effort for those in your group. If you have been “around the block” a few times when it comes to raising funds, you know that some products aren’t that easy to sell

If you’re one of the many who believe church fundraising isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, consider fundraising cards. Why put forth all of the work, effort and sweat when you don’t have to? You may be new to fundraising, or you may be one of those church members we were discussing earlier who’s always involved, always ready to take responsibility. Regardless, give this tried and true method of raising money a try – it’s a sure bet you’ll be impressed.

Fundraiser cards have been around for what seems like forever, and they’re still popular and effective today. Essentially, this is the ‘smart’ way to raise funds for your Marching Band, High School Band, school band, Music department and chorus group. Great for sports teams as well, fundraiser cards are highly profitable, easy to sell, and require very little work and planning when compared to other fundraising products and activities that have been used for years.

Do you ever get tired of selling candy bars and making maybe $1 on each sale, or baking all of those scrumptious pies, cakes, and cookies for the church bake sale to raise funds for your group? Maybe it’s time you did something different and considered a discount cards fundraiser. When you want something that is super profitable and easy, this is absolutely the best way to go;

Discount cards are one of the most preferred methods for raising funds today for churches, school groups, sports teams and other non-profit organization – and it’s really no surprise. Considering their ease and profitability when compared to other fundraising products and activities, it just makes sense for those who would rather avoid the hard work and stress often found with other methods.

Fundraising cards for Schools are possibly more profitable for your group than any other activity or product you could think of for raising funds. Considering that at the very minimum your group will earn $5 for every card sold, you can see how it’s easy to reach a substantial amount of money quickly. If your group is a large one, the profit margins get even bigger. Basically, the more cards your organization purchases and sells, the higher the profits soar